Our blogging library is created to help you find the information you need regarding your current maintenance or repair project.  We will cover all aspects of concrete repair including cracked, pitted and spalling concrete.  Discover which supplies you should be using for your concrete repair projects and educate facility managers, industrial DIYers and handy homeowners on their specific maintenance or repair needs. 


Why Line Marking is Crucial to Warehouse Safety: The Ultimate Line Marking Guide


Warehouse safety is a growing concern, as statistics show that about five percent of all warehouse workers are injured each year – that’s one in 20, and it’s getting worse. Preventable workplace deaths have increased nearly 18 percent since 2009...

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Common Causes of Concrete Damages for Cracked and Spalling Concrete Floors


Patching or fixing cracks in concrete can often be done quickly and cost effectively, but first you need to determine the type and cause of the damage so you can recommend the correct products and procedures for the job. Here are some types of concrete damage to look for...

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