Our blogging library is created to help you find the information you need regarding your current maintenance or repair project. We will cover all aspects of concrete repair including cracked, pitted and spalling concrete. Discover which supplies you should be using for your concrete repair projects and educate facility managers, industrial DIYers and handy homeowners on their specific maintenance or repair needs.


Proper Floor Matting is Essential to Worker Safety and to Prolong the Life of Your Floors

Installing protective floor matting in your facility can make a huge difference — it can improve employee production, keep workers and customers safer, and even prolong the life of your concrete floor...

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Common Causes of Concrete Damages for Cracked and Spalling Concrete Floors

Patching or fixing cracks in concrete can often be done quickly and cost effectively, but first you need to determine the type and cause of the damage so you can recommend the correct products and procedures for the job. Here are some types of concrete damage to look for...

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The Ultimate Line Marking Guide For Worker and Warehouse Safety

Imagine driving down the highway with no markings on the road, or if every state had its own marking system and you had to learn a new one each time you crossed the border. How far would you go … a mile or two? It’s just as important for warehouse traffic...

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The Importance of Epoxy Coatings for a Concrete Floor

Never take a concrete floor for granted — how you protect and maintain it can go a long way in boosting your facility’s productivity and safety; it can even bolster employee morale. A safe, nice looking floor will make coming to work that much more pleasant and can help protect visitors...

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Step Up Your Curb Appeal: How to Repair Concrete Stairs

Using a quality patching product for minor repairs can give concrete stairs a longer and safer lifespan. It starts slowly … a crumble here, a crack there … and you might barely even notice, or for a long time there might not be enough damage to worry about...

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What to Consider When Choosing a Floor Coating for Your Space

As the options for concrete floor coatings proliferate, the selection process becomes more complicated. But while it may take more research to choose the most appropriate coating for your concrete floor, the wide range of choices gives you the ability to...

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How to Plan and Prepare for Maintenance Shutdown: Download the Checklist

It’s getting into winter, and for many facility managers, ’tis the season to schedule the annual plant shutdown for preventative maintenance, repair, and repaint. So while one group of employees might be...

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Concrex Sub Zero: Strong Concrete Repair for Cold Temperatures

Tired of waiting for spring to repair or patch your concrete? What if it never gets warm? Concrete floors in frigid indoor areas such as walk-in freezers are subjected to damage just like those in more comfortable temperatures...

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The Benefits of Using a Safety Mat in a Facility Entryway

An attractive and safe space for people to start their visit can make a continuing good impression and enhance facility safety at the same time. It’s a vast improvement over a wet, dirty, and hazardous...

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