Midtown Cycle Vault

Watco helps keep the wheels turning!

The Midtown Cycle Vault caters for 100 cyclists and is based in an underground car park in Bloomsbury Square, London providing high quality storage, maintenance facilities, toilets and showers for cyclists 24 hours a day.

When Cyclehoop were looking for an epoxy paint which would be long lasting and could cope with heavy traffic. Watco had the perfect solution for them to make sure the environment for the cyclists was pleasant whilst storing their bicycles. We advised them on our Water-Based Epoxy Coat which is an extremely tough and durable floor coating, ideal for the Midtown Cycle Vault!

The aim of the project was to protect the floor from heavy use while still keeping that attractive gloss finish!

As the launch date of the vault was fast approaching, it was important to Cyclehoop to make the environment look clean and pleasant for the cyclists during their time there, which made our Water-Based Epoxy Coat the perfect choice for the floor. The epoxy coating provided the Cycle Vault with a mid-gloss finish and a premium look which will withstand the large number of cyclists using the facilities to store and maintain their bicycles.

Water Based Epoxy Gloss Coat is virtually odorless which made it a good choice for use in the underground vault. Not only was this the best option for Cyclehoop but it also can be easily applied to existing coatings as well as having excellent resistance to oil, solvents and other cleaning chemicals. This is ideal for the Midtown Cycle Vault where bicycles will be repaired in the maintenance and repair area which may result in spillage of oil and other chemicals.

Once again, Watco was able to provide a long lasting, durable product which stands out from the competition!