Advice Pages & Application Guides

Are you looking to complete a full refurbishment project or maybe a one-off repair? Our comprehensive guides will help you repair, paint or completely renovate industrial areas such as warehouses, factories and parking lots. More importantly, we will show you how to apply Watco products correctly.

Floor & Wall Repair

Floor Preparation


Repair floors, fill a pothole, hole or crack. From repairing all types of holes, to levelling floors, our advice pages will guide you through the stages with clear and useful information.


Floor preparation, floor cleaning, stripping and de-greasing. Find out the best way to get your floors ready for coating on a range of different surfaces.

Industrial Paints


Paint your warehouse floors or walls. Industrial paints can be used in a multitude of environments and we have a range of paints for different surfaces and application conditions.

Make your floors, ramps and steps safe. Provide slip resistance with our anti slip products that can be applied to a range of surfaces and areas.

Line Marking


Improve safety in your warehouse with our line marking tapes, paints. Our line marking advice pages will help guide you through the application.

Matting is a quick way of enhancing people's safety on walkways. Watco has many solutions for making wet areas safe and reducing fatigue at work.

Floor Maintenance 

Your floors can maintain their longevity and performance if you regularly clean and care for them. This guide will explain the proper steps you need to take to keep your floors and your facility running smoothly.