Concrex Sub Zero: The Strongest Concrete Repair for Freezing Temperatures

Feb 18th 2022

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Tired of waiting for spring to repair or patch your concrete? What if it never gets warm? Concrete floors in frigid indoor areas such as walk-in freezers are subjected to damage just like those in more comfortable temperatures, and it may not be feasible to empty the freezer or turn off the thermostat when it’s time to patch. This might be one place where that epoxy repair product that “does it all” doesn’t do it. Most epoxies don’t work properly when it’s below freezing and a lot of other concrete repair products become difficult or impossible to use; they may take too long to set or cure and not adhere properly to your surface. Your goal is to find a concrete repair epoxy that can do the job in below zero temperatures.

Freeze-thaw can happen in places you might not even consider. Indoor freezer floors are often cleaned with a shocking dump of hot water; and pouring water of over 150 degrees or more on the floor can, over time, cause it to expand, contract, and crack. Normal wear and tear will eventually damage a concrete floor in any environment, even one that endures continual sub-Arctic temperatures. If you don’t want to take the time to repair it, you might have even more time on your hands as these areas risk being closed down due to code violations.

A Cold Concrete Cure

Facility owners and maintenance departments have found good news with Watco’s Concrex® Sub Zero, which will cure in temperatures as low as -4°F. This product succeeds where ordinary mortars fail, and for that reason can be applied to interior or exterior concrete, metal, or sand/cement. The product utilizes polyaspartic technology, which was first developed in the early 1990s and improves on the previous generation of polyurea coatings. A polyaspartic product can give you the benefit of a longer pot life while maintaining its fast cure characteristics, and in many cases can be applied with a high film build (up to 18 mil) at both hot and cold temperature extremes. It might just be the concrete repair patch you need!

Most likely if a crew is working in below freezing temperatures, they’ll want a product that can get them on and off the job as fast as possible, without the worry of callback. Concrex Sub Zero works wonders in these climates, be it a refrigerated warehouse or a spalling sidewalk you need fixed for Mardi Gras in Montana. Concrex has excellent strength and chemical resistance and can be applied into cold areas that your ordinary mortar can’t handle.

Benefits include:

  • Cures down to -20°C/-4°F
  • May be feather-edged
  • Chemical resistant and anti-slip
  • Impermeable and non-dusting
  • Coverage: 12.9sq ft at .5cm per unit

Watco's Full Line of Concrete Repair Products

Along with Sub Zero, Watco’s Concrex line of concrete repair products has a coating for practically every aspect of concrete patch and repair. Watco’s flagship Concrex product cures to an impervious granite hard finish, while Concrex Rapid brings that flagship durability to facilities that need a faster return to service. Concrex Flex offers the same strength and abrasion resistance as the original Concrex but with a new blend of resins to provide a sufficient flexibility to resist cracking due to movement of the substrate perfect for ramps and expansion joints.

Any season, indoors or out, call your Watco rep for all your concrete floor repair needs!

Illustration on the different application uses for Concrex products