Epoxicote High Build Cold Cure | High performace, industrial strength for floors at 32°F

This one coat, high build, virtually solvent free floor coating pushes technology to the limit. It guarantees exceptional strength and superior protection to concrete floors.

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Concrex concrete repair mortar being applied with steel float

Concrex® Epoxy Repair Mortar | 8 Times Stronger than Concrete

Use Concrex our original best selling floor repair mix, for your repair projects. It's fast acting permanent and strong, leaving behind a granite hard finish that is impervious and non-dusting


Flowpatch® | Quick setting pourable floor patch repairs.

Just add water, mix and pour! Ready for heavy traffic in only 2 hours!



A fiber reinforced, self-leveling concrete floor patch repair material for industrial applications. Quick setting, pourable flooring patch and can be used in heavy wear areas.

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A hole in a concrete floor being repaired with Watco Conrex

Repair concrete with our incredibly tough, concrete epoxy repair mortar for cracked, spalled, eroded or damaged floors, bay edges and broken steps. Available in packs between 20lb to 55lb.

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Watco Flowpatch is poured onto damaged concrete floor to repair and protect

High strength self-leveling compound for resurfacing damaged or uneven concrete floors. Fiber reinforced formula is ideal for forklift traffic and general industrial use, at just 1/8" thick. . *Primers included.

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Safety Coat

Anti-slip epoxy resin floor paint, 2-part, water-based, preblended medium grit. Ideal for use over large areas and ramps. Easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors.

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