Elevating Safety and Aesthetics at Northstar Systembuilt

Project Details

Location: Redwood Falls, MN
Facility Type: House Manufacturing Plant
Size: 65,000 sq ft
Surface: Coated Walking Paths (3,000 sq ft) - Over 2/3 raw concrete, rest previously painted with worn-off cement paint
Traffic: High traffic - main forklift paths and walking area for all staff, visitors, and forklifts

The Challenge

Northstar Systembuilt, a leading custom home builder, sought to elevate employee safety and upgrade the aesthetic appeal of their shop production area, a crucial space visited by customers monitoring the progress of their homes.

Why Watco Floors

Northstar Systembuilt chose Watco Floors for the project. Having previously experienced the impressive quality of Watco products when applied in their washrooms, they were confident in Watco's ability to deliver exceptional results for this project as well. Two products were identified for this application.


The 4 Hour Epoxy Primer stood out for its rapid top-coating capability within 4 hours, minimizing downtime and labor costs. Its solvent-free formula, suitable for concrete, ensured maximum adhesion while covering surfaces efficiently.


Epoxicote High Build Rapid in Safety Yellow was chosen for its high-performing, glossy finish with a 100% solids epoxy resin formula. This coating offers excellent wear resistance and a bright color so the walkway can stand out. Its easy cleaning properties, coupled with substantial coverage made it an ideal choice for Northstar Systembuilt's aesthetic and durability requirements.

Featured Products

Project Outcome

The project outcome exceeded expectations, with the team expressing utmost satisfaction. Northstar Systembuilt observed a remarkable transformation in the shop production area. They highlighted that the Watco Epoxicote High Build, being thick and resilient, covered minor scratches, resulting in a glossy finish that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also made cleaning easier. Deciding to apply two coats to create a thicker coating and more durable surface proved to be the right decision.


Additionally, Northstar Systembuilt mentioned the seamless completion of the project within a week, thanks to the straightforward instructions accompanying Watco Floors products. The durability of the floor coating impressed the team and they are setting plans for more projects using Watco Floors' products during upcoming facility shutdowns.

"Will definitely be doing more next year during our shutdown. Thanks for a great outcome!"

- Pre-Production and Equipment Manager at Northstar Systembuilt

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