Concrete Hole Repair

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    Watco Concrex being applied with a steel float to repair damaged concrete
    • Concrex Epoxy Repair Mortar

      Our original, best-selling floor repair mortar: fast, permanent and strong. Industrial strength and reliability are guaranteed with minimal prep time from one of our most popular products for damaged, cracked or dangerous concrete floors.

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    • Concrex Deep Fill Epoxy Repair Mortar

      Economical and ultra-strong repair formula for deep holes. Concrex® Deep Fill can be applied in one layer, reducing downtime and making I the ideal solution for getting rid of dangerous deep holes in heavy traffic areas. Deep Fill produces a coarse finish that can be over coated with Concrex Origional, Cold Set or Rapid to produce a finer grade surface.

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    • Flowpatch

      This self leveling concrete patch repair material is quick setting, pourable and can be used in heavy wear areas. Watco Flowpatch Deep Fill is ideal for repairing or leveling deeper holes in concrete flooring. Scroll on to see the accessories and other products you may also need alongside Flowpatch & Flowpatch Deepfill.

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    Watco Concrex being applied with a steel float to repair damaged concrete
    • Concrex Acid Strength

      Chemical resistant epoxy resin mortar permanently repairs acid damaged concrete, holds up against sulphuric acid!

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    Application of Concrex Flex in area subject to movement
    • Concrex Flex

      A flexible, heavy duty repair to areas subject to movement and vibration. Ideal for expansion joints, ramps, guide rails or drains. This flexible repair mortar can be feather-edged and will not break.

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    Application of concrete repair for sub zero temperatures
    • Concrex Sub Zero

      Make cold concrete repairs to damaged concrete at as low as -4°F with Concrex Sub Zero.

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    • Quick Floor Curb and Step Repair

      Fast setting concrete patch for curbs, steps or ramps. Just add water, mix and push into the repair before shaping with a putty blade.

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