How to resurface a concrete floor

Flowtop® is a pourable self-smoothing resurfacing product, ideally used for levelling damaged concrete. It contains polyamide fibres that reinforce the micro-structure to make it even stronger and improve resistance to shocks and abrasion.

Easy to mix and apply, Flowtop® has 33% greater compressive strength than most concrete surfaces - and 90% greater tensile strength! As a result, the finished surface is extremely durable and is suitable for forklift truck traffic and general industrial use within hours.

Step by step application guide

Step 1: Preparationadd

1. Sweep the area to be resurfaced so that it is clean and free of loose material.

2. If there are traces of oil or grease, clean the area with the help of our biodegradable degreaser, Bio D.

3. The Flowtop® product contains two primers, a bottle of resin and a powder.

4. Pour Primer 1 onto the prepared surface.

5. Using a brush or soft broom, spread the primer across the floor. Allow it to soak into the concrete for 15-20 minutes.

6. Pour Primer 2 onto the prepared surface.

7. We supply sufficient Primer 2 to allow for very absorbent surfaces. Beware that application to less absorbent surfaces will require less than we supply.

Step 2: Mixingadd

1. Empty the resin into the bucket.

2. Add in the powder. Then mix until smooth with a mixing blade.

3. Mix until it is a solid colour and a cream consistency. We recommend you mix one bucket at a time to better control quantity.

Step 3: Applicationadd

1. Once mixed, pour the concrete floor resurfacer directly on top of Primer 2.

2. Spread Flowtop® across the floor surface with a trowel. It may be convenient to work to a thin batten for depth and edge control but this must be removed before further sections are treated.

3. Finally, use the spiked roller 3-4 times in different directions to get rid of any air bubbles.

Application video

Flowtop summary

  • Durable and non-slip
  • Extremely resistant from a depth of 3mm
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Can be painted if necessary

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