Matting Advice

Why is roof matting important?

Many commercial buildings are now being constructed with flat roofs, making maintenance and repair processes easier. But with the ease of access and more personnel using rooftops regularly, come new workplace hazards. Maintenance employees for heating and cooling, facility inspection and repair, ventilation, telecommunications, and even window washing are frequently accessing rooftops now, and these areas can pose serious dangers aside from their height. To avoid injuries at your facility, rubber roof mats are a necessity.

Rubber Roof Mat Design
Rubber roof mats can significantly reduce the instance of injuries on rooftops due to slips, trips, and falls. Watco’s Roof Walkway Matting is designed specifically to provide a safe walking area for flat roofs in any type of weather condition. Made of UV resistant, non-porous PVC, these roof walkway mats are stable even in hurricane-force winds. They’ve been tested in winds up to 94 mph and are impervious to all weather situations.

Rubber roof walkway mats offer permanent slip resistance for any employees who might be working on your roof. The matting’s top ribs are cross-directional with a diamond-cut surface, which provides a firm grip underfoot. As an added benefit, the roof matting stays in place due to its own weight, so you don’t have to worry about installation.

Roof Matting – Safety
Roof walkway mats provide a clear way to identify appropriate places for foot traffic on your roof. Maintenance workers will know that the locations where mats are placed are approved for walking. The mats also guard against slips and falls due to standing water after heavy rains, or snow and ice formation in winter. Rubber roof mats have an open grid design, which makes them self-draining to avoid problems during wet weather.

Rubber roof mats are versatile and can be ideal for other dangerous locations besides rooftops. They’re effective for boat ramps and docks, flooring in trailers, and ski rental entryways and exits. They can also be used indoors and they’re resistant to bacteria, which helps keep your facility a healthy workplace.