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I've got a roller shutter door and where the concrete meets the guide rail it keeps breaking up because of the forklifts. No matter how often I repair it the same thing happens again. Do you have concrete repairs that will last longer?

Watco recommend Concrex® to repair this common issue. It’s really tough and sticks to both metal and concrete and is perfect for small repairs where cement-based products fail. Concrex® is virtually indestructible and there are many varieties within the Watco Concrex® range.

What is your best concrete resurfacer? 

Flowtop® Advanced is perfect for this. You just mix in the bucket we supply, pour it on and help it across the floor with a trowel. It levels out to leave you with a really tough floor that won’t dust and is harder than concrete. The new “Advanced” formulation is even tougher than the original and gives you good resistance to oils and chemicals. It leaves a gray “concrete looking” finish, which you can leave as it is or paint, if you want to.

We’ve got some broken concrete floor joint edges in our aisle ways and the forklifts are making them worse. They’re used all day so I need something to repair them that will go off really quickly. Have you got anything that will do this?

Yes, Concrex® Advanced is perfect for this. It’s so tough and will easily cope with forklifts and cures in just 1 hour! Everything you need is in the kit, just mix the epoxy resin mortar, trowel into the joint and smooth off. You don’t need to cut the joint out, just rake out any dirt.

Can I paint latex floors? If so, what would you recommend?

Latex screeds are a problem. They are normally used before laying carpet or vinyl, and generally paints just don’t bond well. If you haven’t laid the latex why don’t you use Flowtop® instead? This will level the surface and leave you with a really tough floor that you can paint if required with Water Based Epoxy Coat or similar. It won’t break up under heavy traffic whereas normal latex screeds will.

Do you have anything that I can use in conditions of 5°F that won't break up?

We do indeed. You can either use Flowpatch Sub Zero, or the harder wearing Concrex® Sub Zero. Both of these can be applied as low as -20c and they will not break up. Concrex® Sub Zero is applied by trowel and is better for thinner, more intricate repairs, whereas Flowpatch Sub Zero is pourable and can be applied from 20mm – 100mm deep and is better suited for deeper holes. 

How do I repair hairline cracks in concrete? I would like to fill them before painting because I think the paint will highlight them and make them look worse. What can you recommend? 

Concrex® Fine Filler is designed just for this; it’s so easy to use; you can just mix as much as you want which makes it very economical. It’s an epoxy resin filler designed to fill fine cracks and bolt holes and it takes out imperfections and blemishes. It is far stronger than concrete and it doesn’t shrink.

Do you have anything in your range that could help us fix the pot holes in our car park?

Pot holes in car parks only ever get worse if they’re not filled, especially in the winter. Asphalt Repair Patch is perfect for fixing these problem holes and it is really easy to use. Simply shovel it out of the bucket, create a mound over the top of the hole and compress it down with a tamper or the back of a shovel. It is ready immediately so no need to worry about keeping vehicles off the area, it’s perfect for pot holes in asphalt and concrete.

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