Toyota GB PLC Head Office

Slippery decking solution for Toyota GB Plc Head Office

Four of Toyota GB Plc Head Office fire exits open onto an outdoor decking area, leading to the Assembly points. The decking is also used as a seating area at lunchtime for staff. In dry weather, the area does not generally cause any concern but the potential for slip accidents in the wet or frosty weather was important.

Toyota contacted Watco looking for a long lasting anti slip decking solution.

Whilst the safety of its employees was the main concern, Toyota also wanted to ensure that the anti slip solution was easy to fix and would blend in with the natural colour of the decking.

In addition, they needed a solution that could be fixed in the decking indentations. Having looked at several other solutions, it seems that most involved fixing the anti slip strips in the gaps between the boards, thus requiring extra work as the existing gaps were not wide enough.

Watco recommended and supplied heavy duty slip resistant FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Decking Strips. The strips in ‘ stone’ colour blended in well with the timber and were supplied pre-drilled for easy fixing.

Toyota were delighted with the outcome. The new anti slip decking strips provide safe fire escape routes for staff, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the landscaped outdoor area.



Watco FRP Decking Strips

Our FRP Decking Strips are virtually indestructible, based on an extremely durable fibreglass base with a coarse, ceramic grit which is bonded to the top for a heavy duty, slip resistant surface. Chamfered edges minimise trip hazards. The strips are available in black or stone colour.

Watco Decking Strips are supplied pre-drilled and with screws. The strips can be trimmed on site using a hacksaw or, if required, Watco will supply the strips already cut to size.

Installation carried out at Toyota Head Office Toyota website