An anti slip solution for a French pier

Piquey Gironde pier in Lege-Cap Ferret is located just outside Bordeaux, on the south east coast of France. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding coastline and birdlife, as well as being a popular destination for fishing during the summer.

Fortga Civil Engineering got in touch with Watco as they needed help to find the most suitable concrete repair products to renovate the 200 m² hammered concrete pier. Over time, the surface of the pier had become slippery and hazardous so it was imperative that the work was done straight away. As it was winter, they needed a coating that would dry quickly at low temperatures.

Watco recommended Safety Coat Plus® Cold Cure as it provides excellent slip resistance whilst curing at temperatures between 0˚c-10˚c.

Fortga Civil Engineering ordered 40 units of  Watco Safety Grip® Cold Cure. Once the pier surface had been cleaned and degreased, the coating was applied. The mineral aggregate finish is particularly suitable for hard wearing areas, making it an excellent choice for industrial flooring - or french piers preparing for summer as the case may be! 

The project was a success as Watco Safety Grip cold cure is able to provide. 
-Extra traction in areas of severe slip hazard, even when wet or oily 
-Easy application to concrete, stone, wood and flat steel
-Coarse anti slip finish
-Withstands constant foot and wheeled traffic
-Chemical resistance
-Applied as one coat
-Virtually solvent free
-Range of colours
-Approved for use on sand and cement screed or concrete with under floor heating systems (up to 30°C surface temperature)



In summer

Watco Safety Coat Plus® Cold Cure provides an attractive, coloured, fine aggregate textured finish which provides an anti slip surface for pedestrian traffic and a skid resistant surface for wheeled traffic. So you can keep working – or fishing – no matter what the weather!

Local fishermen enjoying the revamped pier in summer

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