Concrete Cracks & Joints Repair

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    Application of Concrex Flex in area subject to movement
    • Concrex Flex

      A flexible, heavy duty repair to areas subject to movement and vibration. Ideal for expansion joints, ramps, guide rails or drains. This flexible repair mortar can be feather-edged and will not break.

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    • Concrex Fine Filler

      An easy to use concrete epoxy repair paste for repairing minor imperfections in floors before painting.

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    Application of Concrex Vertical, trowel firmly against the surface to be repaired
    • Concrex Vertical

      Concrex Vertical is a two-part epoxy resin mortar that's suitable for concrete, stone, and metal.

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    • Flexible Joint Repair

      A heavy duty flexible repair for expansion joints. This tough, flexible filler means what is usually a two stage job is now just one simple process.

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    • Quickfloor 15 min Concrete Patch

      Rapid curing concrete patch eliminates down time for aisle closures. The low viscosity penetrates the smallest cracks and is virtually VOC-free. This unique 2-part mix allows the user to see a color change when it has cured.

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    • QuickFloor 1 Hour Joint Sealant

      Dual pack formula to quickly fill and seal control and contraction joints in concrete floors. Apply solvent based top coat 24 hours after application.

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    • Flexible Crack Filler

      Self-leveling, two component low viscosity polyurea concrete crack repair formula that settles perfectly into joints and cracks.

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    • Heavy Duty Crack Filler

      Industrial strength epoxy concrete crack filler for holes, cracks and other types of damage to concrete, brick, wood, stone, etc. For interior, exterior, dry, wet, and even water submerged applications.

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    • Spouted Jug (2L)

      When pouring Floor Joint Sealant or Asphalt Crack Filler into a crack, we recommend you use this jug for accuracy.

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