Industrial Floor Painting Tools & Primers

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    Watco Floors - 4 Hour Industrial Grade Epoxy Primer
    • 4 Hour Epoxy Primer

      Difficult surfaces are ready to go in a single day. Fast-acting, virtually solvent free primer reduces suction on porous surfaces.

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    Watco Floors - Industrial Grade Bio-D Floor Degreaser and Cleaner
    • Bio-D Floor Degreaser and Cleaner

      Bio-D is our high-performance, environmentally friendly emulsifying degreaser for floors and machinery. This effective concrete degreaser replaces your traditional solvent-based products.

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    • Cemtetch® Self Etching Cleaner

      Need an etching solution for concrete that doesn’t involve muriatic acid? Shop Watco Industrial Flooring Cemtetch® Self Etching Cleaner for an alternative

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    • Vinyl Chips

      Create an easy to apply, decorative finish for concrete floors and clear epoxy floor coatings with vinyl chips

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    2" Paint Brush
    • Paint Brush - 2"

      The ideal paint brush for line painting and small areas

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    5" Paint Brush
    • Paint Brush - 4"

      The ideal general purpose paint brush

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    • Slip on Premium Spiked Shoes

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    • 9" Paint Roller & Paint Tray

      Medium pile paint roller, with a simulated sheepskin 9" roller and plastic tray

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    • Roller Frame & Handle - 18"

      Extra large roller to provide extra coverage

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    • Replacement Roller - 18"

      A sturdily constructed roller complete with frame and handle

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    • Heavy Duty Telescopic Handle

      Heavy duty fiberglass telescoping pole is perfect for you industrial painting needs. You can purchase our yellow screw fit heavy duty telescopic pole separately or in combination with our paint rolling supply kit or roller frame.

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    • 6' Economy Telescoping Handle

      Reach those hard to reach areas with our 8' push fit telescopic handle, can also be used as screw fit!

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    • Finishing Trowel - 10"

      A concrete finishing tool for a smooth, professional finish

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    • Mix & Apply Margin Trowel

      A high quality, durable steel margin trowel for a smooth, professional finish with any of our Patch and Repair products.

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    • U Crack Filler Squeegee

      Rubberized edge provides a clean finish to crack repairs

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    Tamper in use.
    • Asphalt Tamper - 8 x 8"

      Use with Asphalt Repair Patch to pack and level your repair.

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    • Spouted Jug (2L)

      When pouring Floor Joint Sealant or Asphalt Crack Filler into a crack, we recommend you use this jug for accuracy.

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    • Powerfloat Base Coat

      A two component solvent free adhesive epoxy primer for smooth, non-porous surfaces. Improves the adhesion of paint to difficult substrates.

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