Anti Slip Chemical Resistant Paint

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    Safety Coat 5L, Anti Slip floor coating tin
    • Safety Coat

      Non-slip and easy-clean. Areas with heavy traffic need a resilient, reliable product that also looks the part.

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    • Safety Coat Plus

      Coarse textured, anti slip epoxy floor coating designed to provide slip resistance in interior and exterior areas of severe hazard even when wet or oily. Heavy wear stands up to forklift traffic and can be applied to concrete, wood or metal with just 1 coat!

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    Epoxicote High Build 4L can
    • Epoxicote High Build

      100% solids epoxy for heavy traffic areas that require an extremely tough and durable coating with excellent chemical resistance.

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    Watco - Chemi-Coat - Concrete Paint
    • Chemi-Coat

      A chemical resistant floor coating which comprises a tough epoxy resin with excellent chemical resistance. High-performance formula designed for chemical spills.

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