Decking Prevents Slips & Falls at Boarding School

Decking Prevent Slips & Falls at Boarding School

CB Carpentry's client, a boarding school in France, needed a slip free solution for wooden decking between dormitories and other school buildings. The contractor turned to the Watco Experts for help and advice. Bad weather turned the decking into a dangerous slip hazard for children using the walkway to and from classes.

The director of the school wanted a solution in place immediately, after a child slipped and fell, to avoid further accidents. Watco Experts recommended CB Carpentry install Anti-Slip Fiberglass Decking Strips for instant safety and durability. Anti-slip decking strips can work on more than just wood though, they also work on concrete, brick, stone and metal.

Benefits of FRP Decking Strips:

  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof and rot-proof
  • Beveled edges to prevent tripping

Installation is simple, just screw the strips to the surface through the pre-drilled holes, or glue them to the surface. Once in place the decking, even when wet, is immediately ready for foot traffic and the risk of falls is eliminated.

FRP Decking Strips can be trimmed on site using a hacksaw if necessary for odd shapes and sizes. If you know ahead of time you need custom sizing talk to one of our Experts on the phone. Watco offers a custom cut to size service to save you the time and hassle.

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