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Watco manufactures industrial strength floor paints, repair materials and non slip products


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From an eye-catching environment to preventing slips and trips, appearance and safety are important maintenance requirements in any retail environment. Whether you’re looking for durable, decorative floor paints, to making maintenance improvements in storerooms or repairing delivery bays and car parks, our range of products work effortlessly together to keep your retail areas well-maintained and safe.


Bring dull concrete floors to life with our Best Ever Formula Concrete Floor Paint. Available in 13 colours, our unique formula is based on a bland of ceramic and polyurethane resins that will transform your concrete floors into dustproof and easy-to-clean surfaces. Even better, our Concrete Floor Paint has been rigorously put through its paces and has been tested to CE Mark EN1504-2, demonstrating superior impact, wear and scratch resistance, hardness, adhesion and durability.

Durable enough to provide even your busiest areas with a lasting, high quality finish, just two coats will give your concrete floors an attractive finish that protects from dust and dirt.

If you are looking for a specific colour, consider Watco Spectrum. With all the benefits of our Concrete Floor Paint, Spectrum is available in 190 RAL classic colour options so can help you find the perfect match to brand or decorative colours.


First impressions count so on top of choosing colours, finish and design, ensuring your floors are attractive yet hard wearing and low on maintenance is also important.

Transform your floors with Stellar Metallic Coating, a light-reflective decorative paint. A two-part epoxy resin, Stellar Metallic Coating is available in six unique colours, provides floors with a glossy, hard wearing finish making it suitable for showrooms, retail stores, restaurants and bars. Easy to clean, it is also a great choice for cloakrooms and washrooms.  

For an even more eye-catching look, choose Stellar Metallic Chip. An innovative system combines scattering metallic chips on the surface followed by a polyaspartic resin to seal the floor, to result in a decorative metallic coating that is both practical and durable. Available in five metallic colours, it provides industrial strength and slip resistance so is ideal for busy areas.

Our Stellar Flake System provides a more subtle decorative finish. Available in four nature-inspired colours (glacier, dolomite, flint and granite), it is ideal for floor areas where appearance, practicality and durability are important. With excellent resistance to common chemicals, everyday spillages and excessive wear, Stellar Flake gives an easy-to-clean finish which is perfect for shop floors and showrooms, supermarket floors, canteens or cafés and restaurants. 



Help prevent slips and trips in store with simple safety solutions. Our Washable Entrance Mats absorb up to 90% of tracked dirt and moisture as well as maintaining overall cleanliness of your floors. A fade-resistant mat with a non-slip nitrile rubber backing prevents slipping and improves safety, especially when wet weather causes extra hazard.  

Our Entrance Plus Tiles are smart and attractive tiles that scrape away dirt and absorb moisture. These interlocking tiles can be cut and trimmed to size and shape before clicking them together and placing in entrances, exits or covered outside areas.

Paint stockrooms and back of house areas with Safety Coat, an anti slip floor coating with an easy-to -clean surface. This tough epoxy resin coating contains tiny particles to enhance safety on smooth floors and make them slip resistant. The particles are premixed into the paint which means Safety Coat is easier to clean than most other gritty, anti slip coatings.



Stairs, steps, ramps and walkways can easily cause slips when wet. Our range of treads, step covers and GRP can be used alongside our anti slip coatings to keep staff and customers safe from trips, inside or out.

Our Firm-Step® range of GRP step covers are versatile solution for internal or external steps and stairs.  Easily glued or drilled on to step edges, these nosings have a durable, textured surface which provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

For busy pedestrian areas, we recommend Firm-Step® Heavy Duty GRP Step Covers to protect stairways from excessive wear and tear, whilst providing excellent grip for improved safety. Made from a mixture of GRP and grit, it is twice as strong as the usually-used, industry standard quartz. The wide choice of colours includes a contrasting yellow and white option, helping you meet DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements.

Improve safety on walkways, ramps and in areas of your car park which face constant traffic with Firm-Step® Heavy Duty GRP Sheets. This resin bonded ceramic grit surface is ideal for application in wet and cold conditions and installation takes no time at all. Available in nine colours (including metallic finishes) and in fine or coarse grades, these sheets can be used on internal and external walkways or ramps.


All of our products have been formulated to perform to the highest standards. To find out how we can help you deliver successful repair, paint and maintenance projects, email us at or call our Technical Advisors on 855-627-6350.

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