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Is your concrete floor too rough to paint? Sounds like you need a concrete resurfacer! Smooth it out with Watco Industrial Flooring Flowtop®. It's easy to apply Flowtop® with two people; one person to mix and use the spiked roller and the other to pour and spread with a squeegee.


If you want to stay clean we recommend using Spiked Shoes in addition to the roller.


For a much better finish, make sure to first add the resin and then the powder when mixing.


Flowtop Primer Mix and Pour Flowtop 

Step 1: Apply the primer (included)

Step 2Mix & Pour Flowtop® onto the primed area
 Spread with squeegee Remove air bubbles with spiked roller 

Step 3: Spread with a squeegee or trowel

Step 4: Remove any air bubbles with a spiked roller


FRP Decking Strips


Wood decks and ramps can become hazardous from water or algae in shady or damp conditions, but our non slip decking strips can easily help. Watco Industrial Flooring's Fiberglass Decking Strips solve the problem permanently and can be applied in any weather conditions.


Think ahead, it is easier to apply FRP non slip decking strips in the summer to avoid slippery conditions in the winter.


Decking Strips


Decking Strips

Epoxy Gloss Coat


Watco Industrial Flooring's Epoxy Gloss Coat is our best seller for heavy wear areas. Not surprising really - it’s tough, looks good and you can apply it with a roller. What could be simpler?



Before   After

Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat


Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat

Universal Sealer


If dust really gets up your nose, banish it with Watco Industrial Flooring's Universal Sealer hardens and dust proofs your concrete floor.

This product is so quick and easy to apply – all you need is a soft broom.



Universal Sealer


Universal Sealer

Fiberglass Step Covers


When you aren't able to paint steps or ramps to make them safer, Watco Industrial Flooring's Fiberglass Step Covers do the job just as well. In fact, they do the job even better.


Cut to size on site with a hacksaw or jigsaw. Easy to apply with just screws and Mastic Adhesive.



FRP Step Covers


FRP Step Covers



If you are mixing packs of Concrex®, get right into it by putting on gloves and using your hands – it’s quicker and easier!




Fine Crack Filler


After pouring Fine Crack Filler along the crack, follow up with a plastic spatula or something similar with a straight edge, for a smoother, neater finish.



Spread Fine filler

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