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Safety Coat Plus® Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Safety Coat Plus® Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

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Coarse textured, anti slip epoxy floor coating designed to provide slip resistance in interior and exterior areas of severe hazard even when wet or oily. Heavy wear stands up to forklift traffic and can be applied to concrete, wood or metal with just 1 coat!

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$154.50 From
Product Details
Safety Coat Plus® non slip floor coating provides an attractive, colored, extra coarse aggregate textured finish which provides an anti slip surface for pedestrian traffic and a skid resistant surface for wheeled traffic. It is ideal for ramps, steps, loading bays, walkways, concrete bleachers, vehicle tail lifts and around machinery. This industrial epoxy floor coating is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Safety Coat Plus has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, wood and metal and provides resistance to harsh chemicals and mechanical scrubbing.

Features and Benefits of Safety Coat Plus® - Non Slip Floor Coating:

  • Easy 1 coat high build application
  • Coarse anti slip finish for floors, stairs, platforms, hallways, entrance ways and ramps
  • Provides extra traction in areas of severe slip hazard, even when wet or oily
  • Heavy duty formula withstands constant foot and wheeled traffic
  • Chemical resistant
  • Virtually solvent free
  • Kit covers approximately 50 sq. ft. & includes base, activator, and aggregate
  • Ready for light traffic in 20 hours
  • Easily applied by Roller, and Paint Brush to cut in the walls
  • Applied as one coat
  • Approved for use on sand and cement screed or concrete with under floor heating systems (up to 86°F surface temperature)

  • Safety Coat Plus is resistant to spills of a wide range of acids and alkalis (at 77°F) including:

  • Paraffin
  • Fuel oils
  • 10% nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids
  • Sugar solutions
  • Oxalic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Salt solutions
  • Caustic soda
  • Hypochlorite solutions
  • Petrol alcohols

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    Safety Coat Plus

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    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Appearance matte coarse anti slip finish
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days Nationwide
    Primer Required no
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
    Usage - Suitable for concrete, stone, wood, and flat steel
    Usage - Properties heavy duty, coarse anti slip flooring system for dangerous areas, provides extra traction in slippery areas, even when wet or oily, withstands constant foot and wheeled traffic, chemical resistant, solvent-free
    Usage - Surfaces stairs, ramps, factories, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, marine areas
    Coverage (sqft per kit) 50
    Application - Curing Time (hours) approximately 20 hours @ 60-70°F to accept light foot traffic
    Application - Pot Life (hours) approximately 30 min. @ 70°F
    Application - Recommended Coats one coat will cover most surfaces
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 85
    Application - Application Condition dry, well ventilated area
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) 60
    How To Apply
    Surface Preparation: The concrete surface must be clean, dry and free of loose material. New concrete should be allowed to cure for 28 days prior to coating. Remove oil, dirt, grease and other chemical contaminants by cleaning with detergent or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Use Cemtetch® to remove unsound laitance and create a proper surface profile to the concrete. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before application of Safety Coat Plus. Note: Concrete that has a sealer or curing agent on it may not respond to the Cemtetch treatment. It may be necessary to remove the sealer and create a surface profile by a mechanical method.

    Mixing: Store all materials of the kit at a temperature of 60-85°F for at least 8 hours prior to use. Combine the base and activator components into a clean 2 gallon or 5 gallon plastic or metal pail. Use a paint paddle or spatula to scrape out and transfer as much of the material as possible. Mix the components thoroughly until an even, uniform color is achieved. If using a power mixer use a paint paddle or spatula to blend in any unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the pail. Do not mix in the anti-slip aggregate. Do not mix more than one unit at a time. Immediately pour the material into a roller pan and do not delay application. The pot life is 30 minutes at 70°F, less at higher ambient temperatures, and unused material will get hot and may pose a hazard. Pot life will be dramatically reduced if the mixed components are left in the mixing container – the product could become unusable within 5-10 minutes.

    Application: Apply in a well ventilated area when the air and surface temperatures are between 60-85ºF. Use a good quality lint free 3/8" nap roller with a phenolic core. A brush may be used for cutting in along walls. Roll out a workable section, then immediately broadcast the anti-slip aggregate uniformly over the wet coating to obtain the desired surface finish (full or light coverage). Using the same roller, re-roll over the section to help anchor the aggregate. Continue with the same procedure until the entire floor area to be coated is completed. Remember, the pot life is approximately 30 minutes at 70°F, so application should not be delayed. Protect the coating from water (including excessive condensation) until the surface has been allowed to cure for the times stated above. Early water contact while the coating is curing can reduce the gloss of the finish. Full chemical resistance will be gradually achieved over 7 days. Do not wash the surface with cleaning solution or water within this period. In common with all epoxy resin coatings, some color fading can occur when exposed to direct sunlight. Safety Coat Plus should not be used where the ‘in-service’ temperature of the area exceeds 115°F. Do not steam clean.
    Case Studies
    Bottled Water Company Case Study


    The world’s second largest producer of bottled water, was looking for industrial floor paints to renovate and maintain indoor walkways and create seamless traffic flows in its factories. Watco Industrial Flooring supplied professional, long lasting and easy to apply products.

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