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Roofite Coating White - 5 gal.

Roofite Coating White - 5 gal.

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A solvent based Thermoplastic system intended for the repair and restoration of roofs. Our White Roof Coating is quick to apply, extremely strong and durable.

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Product Details
Roofite White Roof Coating is a solvent-based Thermoplastic roof coating system intended for the repair and restoration of asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, Kynar®, concrete, TPO, Hypalon® (CSPE), PIB and EPDM roofs.

Features and Benefits of Roofite Coating White - Asphalt Roof Coatings:

  • Thermoplastic Rubber Coating & Mastic
  • May be used when inclement weather or cold temperatures are expected; extremely durable
  • White roof coating reflects heat & greatly improves energy efficiency
  • Adheres to almost any type of roof
  • Fast drying: skins over in minutes & cures completely in 24 hours
  • Will not wash off or pick up debris
  • Covers 200 sq. ft. per 5 gallon pail @ 40 mils wet floor thickness
  • 2 coat application
  • Not compliant in California
  • Clean roof with Roofite Cleaner before use for best results
  • For optimum results, repair all cracks, breaks, splits and holes first with Reinforcing Fabric between 2 coats of Roofite White Quick Patch

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    Safety Data Sheet_Roofite Coating_White_D760103
    Technical Data Sheet
    Delivery Time (Days) Standard
    Coverage (sqft per kit) 200 sq. ft. per 5 gallon pail @ 40 mils wet film thickness
    Application - Curing Time (hours) 24
    Application - Recommended Coats 2
    Application - Application Condition dry & free of dirt or corrosion particles; or wet conditions only as a temporary repair solution
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) 50
    How To Apply
    SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface to be coated must be dry* and free of dirt or corrosion particles. We recommend first cleaning the surface using Roofite Cleaner (see Roofite Cleaner TDS) and allowed to dry prior to application. NOTE: Seal leaks before Roofite White Coating is applied! For optimum results, repair all cracks, breaks, splits and holes by embedding fabric between 2 coats of Roofite Quick Patch White applied over and at least 2 inches beyond repair. Small cracks can also be bridged by basic 3 course repair. Apply coating; then embed reinforcing fabric into the coating – typically using hands covered with rubber gloves; then apply second coat of coating material.

    APPLICATION:Surface to be coated must be dry* and free of dirt or corrosion particles. Roofite White Coating may be applied to wet surfaces as a temporary repair measure. Its ultra high density and water displacing abilities allow adhesion to wet and underwater surfaces. Surfaces must be power washed clean with a suitable residue-free detergent. Before applying coating, close all fresh air intakes and other potential points of entry for solvent vapors into the building. For best results, apply the product with a 3/4 to 1-1/4" nap roller. Apply successive coats at right angles when possible. Mix the coating thoroughly before application. For best results, maintain coating temperature at 50° F or higher. Roof Temperature should be above freezing during application. Once applied, coating is unaffected by temperature. Allow 24 hours between coats on asphalt, modified bitumen and EPDM roofs. For all other roof types, allow four hours between primer and/or base coats and the finish coat. All roofs must be cleaned prior to application of this product. Failure to do so may result in poor adhesion and/or discoloration of the coating. For PVC roofs consult the manufacturer prior to use. DO NOT USE over acrylic roof coatings. *Roof surfaces must be dry for coating application. Even when the surface appears dry, moisture may be trapped in the roof, deck or insulation. A moisture scan is recommended prior to application. In addition, application of this coating within 5º F of the dew point is not recommended. – What does this entail? Since this product is listed for commercial and industrial use, a roofing contractor would know how to use a moisture meter. **The first coat over asphalt will often stain yellow. Although Roofite White Coating is highly resistant to asphalt staining, this condition is unpredictable. If brown spots appear during application with a roller, inspect the roller nap for embedded pieces of asphalt. These spots will be covered by the second coat. Uneven, alligatored or cracked roofs will require the higher rate of application. ***EPDM roofs may exhibit temporary swelling if application rates are significantly exceeded. If swelling occurs do not proceed with additional coats until it has subsided. Certain PVC roofs may contain plasticizers that can soften Roofite White Coating. Applicator is responsible for determining the type and manufacturer of the roof to be coated.
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