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Watco manufactures industrial strength floor paints, repair materials and non slip products


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For help and ideas for anything from seasonal safety to maintenance and repair for roofing and industrial flooring, check out Watco’s Resource Center. We provide the tips and guidance you need to keep your business’s facility in the best shape and running smoothly. Browse our articles below to find the information you need. Can't find quite what you're looking for? Call our experts toll free at 855.627.6350.


Repair             Paints and Sealers  


How to Resurface Your Concrete Floor


Give Your Concrete a Face Lift


3 Reasons to Fix Your Potholes


Parking Lot Repair Costs


Prioritize Parking Lot Needs


Make Your Premises Safe


Asphalt Pothole Repair


The Real Cost of Resurfacing

Properly Prep Before Using Concrex


Prep Your Concrete for Flowpatch

Flowpatch Helps Tripping Cows



Epoxy Floor Paint Vs. Concrete Floor Paint


Choose The Right Coating For your Needs


3 reasons to Coat with industrial Epoxy


Parking Lot First Impressions


Uses for Containment Area Sealer


Prevent Wet Basements


Refurbish Your Parking Lots


Visitor Parking Lot Safety


Protecting Against Dust


Achieve The Prefect Coat


Why and How to Repaint Your Parking Lot


6 Questions to Ask When Repainting Your Parking Lot


Cost of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating



Line Marking   General maintenance  


Safe Escape Plans


Hazardous Area Safety


Outdoor Decking Safety


Slip Resistant Tread for Fall Prevention

Line Marking Tips for Your Warehouse

Line Marking Paint Application Tips

Line Marking Tape Application Tips

Why Choose Glow in the Dark Line Marking Tape

Line Marking Tape Uses in Your Facility

5 Facilities That Can Benefit from Floor Line Marking

Temporary vs. Permanent Floor Line Marking Options



Winter Safety Advice


Safety in the Fall


Safety Made Simple


Seasonal Parking Lot Maintenance


Ensure Employee Safety

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Warehouse

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Factories

Choosing the Right Entrance Mats for Your Doorways

Why You Need Anti Fatigue Mats at Workstations

General Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines

Why Primers Are Important for Floor Coating Projects

Your Industrial Maintenance Tool List



Anti Slip   Waterproofing and Roofing    


Slip Proof Warehouse


Anti Slip for Heavy Traffic


Non Slip Paint to Make Handicapped Spots Safer

Make Your Loading Ramp Safe with Anti Slip Coating

How to Make Sure Your Ramps Are Slip Proof

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Steps Are Slip Proof

Why and How to Slip Proof Your Parking Lot

Stair Treads vs. Stair Nosing - Which Is Right for You?

Why Your Facility Needs Non Slip Tape

Anti Slip Paint - A Simple Solution for Your Building



3 Reasons to Update Your Roof Coating


Roof Matting Importance


Waterproof Your Roof


Supplies to Patch Up Your Roof


Roof Sealant Important for Waterproofing


Damp Proof Your Roof


Repair your Roof


Thermoplastic Roof Coating




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