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QuickFloor® Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer Spray

QuickFloor® Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer Spray

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Enhance the performance of any top coat in mild-to-severe environments.

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Product Details
Get the power of a two-component epoxy in the convenience of an aerosol can with QuickFloor Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer Spray. This no mess formula enhances the performance of any top coat.

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion for high performance top coat adhesion
  • Spray apply - unique no mess formula comes in an aerosol can
  • Adhesion for tough environments - sticks to clean/rusty/galvanised metal, aluminium and painted surfaces
  • Meets regulations - USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities; VOC compliant nationwide

    Safety Data Sheet

  • Prop 65

    QuickFloor Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer Spray
    Usage - Suitable for Hard-to reach areas exposed to corrosion and chemicals like welds, seams & bolts.
    Usage - Surfaces Sticks to clean/rusty/galvanised metal, aluminum and painted surfaces.
    How To Apply

    Protect surrounding surfaces from overspray. Overspray can carry a significant distance. Hold can 10-14 inches from surface. Apply two light coats 2-5 minutes apart to avoid drips and runs. If flogged, remove tip and clean in thinner. Do not insert any object into can valve opening. Remaining product in the container is useable for up to 4 days. This pot life will decrease at higher temperatures. Clean valve immediately after use by turning can upside down and depressing spray button for 3-5 seconds (some paint will be sprayed out, so be careful to not inadvertently spray yourself or other objects). If recoat time exceeds 24 hours, lightly scuff sand the primer prior to application of the topcoat.
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