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QuickFloor® 15 Minute Concrete Patch

QuickFloor® 15 Minute Concrete Patch

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Rapid curing concrete patch eliminates down time for aisle closures. The low viscosity penetrates the smallest cracks and is virtually VOC-free. This unique 2-part mix allows the user to see a color change when it has cured.

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Product Details
QuickFloor® 15 Minute Concrete Patch is a 2-part mix that quickly pours out as a black liquid and cures as a grey solid. The combined polyurea chemistry allows for foot traffic in just 15 minutes at 70°F. A fully cured QuickFloor® 15 Minute Concrete Patch is stronger than concrete or asphalt repaired and can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°F, making it perfect for commercial freezers.

Apply patch to a clean surface by simply combining equal parts of the mix. The bond will adhere to a variety of substrates: concrete, wood, asphalt and fiberglass. Depths of 1/16” to 3” are easily filled without the use of sand or pea gravel as filler. This is to be used in non-moving joints only.

Features and Benefits of QuickFloor® 15 Minute Concrete Patch:

  • Extremely fast cure time (5-25 minutes) depending on temperature applied at
  • Returned to service immediately after cure
  • Can be applied indoors or outdoors
  • Only sold in Concrete Gray color
  • Perfect for food industry repairs, as it cures non-porous and will not let bacteria, mold or pathogens bond to its surface
  • Virtually VOC-free
  • Technical Information

    Safety Data Sheet_15 Minute Concrete Patch_A803642
    Technical Data Sheet_15 Minute Concrete Patch_A803642
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days Nationwide
    Usage - Interior / Exterior Interior/Exterior
    Usage - Suitable for Most clean, dry substrates
    Usage - Properties Long lasting, strong crack, hole and pit filler, quick & simple to apply by hand, high performance non-porous, east to clean
    Usage - Surfaces Concrete, wood, fiberglass, and asphalt
    How To Apply
    Prep and Application Surface preparation: Remove all dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants by washing surface with cleaner, degreaser or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with fresh, clean water. Remove all loose, unsound, or deteriorated concrete. Small hairline cracks must be chased using a v-shape diamond crack blade or hand held grinder. The crack should be open to a minimum of ¼ inch wide. Any contaminants that may have seeped into the crack after grinding must be cleaned out again. Use dry silica sand to fill deep cracks insuring ¼ inch down from surface. The QuickFloor™ 15 Minute Concrete Patch will soak into the sand and fortify the patch.
    Application: Mixing: Pour out equal volumes of each component prior to combining. Combine and stir together with wooden stick for 20-30 seconds. QuickFloor™ 15 Minute Concrete Patch cures extremely quick do not mix large amounts that cannot be used within two minutes prior to combining. Once mixed QuickFloor™ 15 Minute Concrete Patch is an easy flowing liquid. Application: QuickFloor™ 15 Minute Concrete Patch is suitable for applications at 5°F. Within one minute of mixing, pour concrete patch into the crack to be filled. Fill the crack to a slight excess and allow curing. The liquid will pour black in color and change to a gray color as it begins to cure. This will take 10-15 minutes at 70°F to fully cure. Once the QuickFloor™ 15 Minute Concrete Patch is completely gray in color, an excess material on the surface can be removed by grinding to a flush, even surface.
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