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Floor Joint Sealant

Floor Joint Sealant

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A pourable two component, expansion joint filler with maximum flexibility for heavy traffic construction joints, expansion joints and cracks.

Price Qty
Floor Joint Sealant
Floor Joint Sealant - 4 pint
$134.50  excl. tax
Floor Joint Sealant - 4 pint
$134.50  excl. tax
Floor Joint Sealant
Primer 1 kit
$25.60  excl. tax
Primer 1 kit
$25.60  excl. tax
Product Details
Floor Joint Sealant is a two-component polyurethane based flexible joint sealant. It is a pourable grade suitable for filling construction joints, expansion joints and cracks. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications for filling and sealing moving and non-moving joints in concrete floors. Joint sides should be clean and dry. Spalled joint sides should be repaired using Concrex®. Must be used with Floor Joint Sealant Primer.

Features and Benefits of Floor Joint Sealant - Concrete Repair:

  • A flexible sealant for cracks and joints
  • Excellent compression and recovery
  • Protects floor joints and slab edges
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas
  • Ready for use in 8 - 12 hours
  • Covers approximately 40 linear feet of a joint ½" wide by ½" deep
  • Floor Joint Sealant Primer is required (1 kit of primer is enough for 4 kits of Floor Joint Sealant)

    Prop 65

    Floor Joint Sealant

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    Technical Data Sheet Primer and Floor Joint Sealant
  • Specifications
    Appearance gray
    Delivery Time (Days) Standard
    Primer Required yes, Floor Joint Sealant Primer
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
    Usage - Suitable for filling expansion joints, construction joints and cracks
    Usage - Properties excellent compression & recovery
    Usage - Surfaces filling and sealing moving and non moving joints in concrete floors
    Coverage (sqft per kit) 40 linear feet of a joint 1/2" wide x 1/2" deep
    Application - Curing Time (hours) 8-12 hours @ 60-70°F
    Application - Pot Life (hours) approximately 1 hour @ 70°F
    Application - Recommended Coats 1
    Application - Coverage UOM 40 linear feet of a joint ½" wide by ½" deep
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 90
    Application - Application Condition properly prepared and primed surfaces
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) 50
    How To Apply
    Surface Preparation: Joint sides should be clean and dry. Spalled joint sides should be repaired with Concrex®. Back Up Rod can be used to reduce deeper joints to the desired depth. Apply primer by brush to the sides of the joint and allow to dry. (Approximately 30 minutes at 70°F).

    Mixing: It is important to thoroughly mix both components together. Poorly mixed product will not cure correctly. Empty the smaller container into the larger container and mix thoroughly for about 3 minutes with a power mixer. Alternatively use a slow speed electric drill and paddle. Immediately pour the mixed components into an empty container (plastic or metal) or a can with a spout, which will also help to pour the mix accurately into the floor joint. Take care to ensure that all the contents are scraped off the sides and bottom of the containers. Mix again for one minute. If a pouring can is not available, crimp the rim of the empty container to help with pouring. Use within 1 hour.

    Application: Joint Width/Depth: For joints 1/4-3/8" wide, depth should be equal to the width. For joints 3/8-3/4" wide, depth should be 3/8". For joints over 3/4" wide, depth should be half of the width. Crimp the rim of the container being used to facilitate pouring and pour evenly into the prepared joint, leaving the top of the sealant joint just below the surface of the floor. If required, finish off with a flat blade or knife to remove air bubbles and then remove any masking tape before the sealant has set, drawing the tape across the sealant face so that any excess sealant falls into the joint and not alongside it. Floor Joint Sealant will adhere to clean concrete, epoxy and other types of floor coatings, and most other common floor materials. It will also adhere to steel and other non porous materials. Contact a Watco Industrial Flooring Expert at (855) 627-6350 in the case of plastic materials and bituminous surfaces.
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