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No Parking Stencil

No Parking Stencil

$59.00  excl. tax

No hassle, no mess “No Parking” stencils to easily mark areas on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Letters are 8” in height and measure 65” in length for increased visibility in trafficked areas.

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Product Details
“No Parking” stencil creates letters 8 in height by 65 inches in length and comes on 1 piece of LLDPE plastic 1/16” (60 mil) thick. The stencil is designed to lay flat on a warm pavement. Wait for plastic to adjust to temperature for a few minutes prior to application.

Features and Benefits of using a "No Parking" Stencil

  • Durable LLDPE plastic material is 1/16” thick and can be used with any spray paint, spray equipments, or rolling/brush application
  • Minimal or no clean up needed, as paint peels off when dry
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use on any type of surface
  • Creates highly visible text for vehicles of all kinds
  • Easy to use and tough enough for repeated use by contractors or facility managers

  • *Paint not included with purchase
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 Hours, Delivers in 1-3 days
    Usage - Interior / Exterior Interior or Exterior
    Usage - Suitable for Most clean, dry surfaces, can use on damp surfaces if paint allows for damp application
    Usage - Properties 1/16” (60 mil) LLDPE Plastic stencil
    Usage - Surfaces Concrete or Asphalt
    How To Apply
    Surface Prep: Place stencil on surface and allow plastic to sit for a few minutes to become close to floor temp for results. Spray paint, brush or roll cut out stencil areas. *Paint not included.
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