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Watco manufactures industrial strength floor paints, repair materials and non slip products


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Watco’s industrial strength products have been designed to deliver tough, long lasting repair, paint and anti slip solutions, to  help minimise downtime whilst maintenance is being done and to keep costs low.


We understand that you don’t always have much turnaround time for your repairs and maintenance jobs and that shutting down areas, even just for a day, isn’t always an option. Because of this, Watco has formulated a number of fast curing products so you can keep normal operation hours and prevent production schedules from falling behind.

For uneven and damaged flooring that’s in need of a quick fix, choose Flowtop® – a self-smoothing pourable leveller which is ideal for tackling large areas quickly and easily. Flowtop cures to a highly durable, non-dusting, smooth surface which can withstand heavy traffic and heavy machinery. Once dried, you can leave your floors as they are, or overpaint with any of our floor paints.

If you are planning on painting your repaired floors, we recommend Watco Concrete Floor Paint, available in 13 classic RAL colours. Or if you have a specific shade in mind, Watco Spectrum offers a choice of 190 RAL colours to help you find the perfect match.

Fastcoat uses the latest polyaspartic resin technology and cures within 24 hours, so you can clean, prep, and paint the floor all in one day. We recommend using Fastcoat Wipes and Fastcoat Primer to get the best results. And for areas where safety is a priority, use Fastcoat Anti Slip.


The day-to-day safety of staff and work areas is always a top priority. We offer a range of safety and anti slip products to help work and production areas run smoothly.

Reduce slips and trips on steps, slopes and ramps with Safety Grip®. With excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, wood and flat steel, this epoxy resin is ideal for providing a slip resistant surface in areas of heavy traffic that demand most traction. Suitable for use around heavy machinery, in loading bays or in hazard points which are heavily trafficked. When cured, Safety Grip bonds with a fine aggregate textured finish.

Temperatures need to be at 10°C and above for Safety Grip to cure properly.  So, if you need to apply in low temperature areas, particularly in loading bays or outside areas, choose Safety Grip® Cold Cure, which cures between 0°C and 10°C.

And if minimising downtime is important, save time by using Safety Grip® Rapid. If temperatures are at 20°C, it will cure in 8 – 10 hours, leaving you with a hard wearing, coarsely textured, slip resistant floor in very little time.



If your manufacturing facility deals with harsh chemicals, standard sealers and floor paints aren’t good enough. We offer a wide range of coatings made with chemical-resistant formulas that are designed to withstand any chemical spills.

Chemi-Coat®, our chemical resistant epoxy resin, will provide excellent durability and an easy-to-clean surface in just one coat. This glossy floor paint can be applied to most wall and floor surfaces and has no problem withstanding chemical spillages and heavy traffic. Chemi-Coat cures overnight, ready for light traffic use the next day, and reaches its full chemical resistance level within 5-7 days.

Chemi-Coat® Anti Slip comes with an aluminium oxide grit to scatter over the wet coating before it dries, providing an anti slip texture to the chemical resistant paint to give your floors added protection from slips and trips.

Epoxicote High Build provides tough coverage for heavily trafficked areas, while also protecting concrete floors from oil and chemical contamination. This thick, one coat epoxy resin is long-lasting and hard-wearing, giving your floors exceptional protection from excessive wear and tear.



Once the floor is painted, consider marking out walkways and hazardous areas with a safety line marking tape. With strengths up to very heavy use, these tapes are a quick and simple way to give your workspace organization, provide guide lines to staff and site visitors and mark out emergency exits or hazards. Our tapes are user-friendly and time efficient – ready for use within about 2 hours in normal conditions.

Easy Marking Tape is a brightly coloured tape that makes floor marking quick and effortless with  its easy to cut and peel wax backing. Simply cut to size, remove the backing, and apply to your floor. Easy Marking Tape is so tough it can even be applied externally, though we do recommend priming poor or porous surfaces first. 

To finish off chemical areas, Chemi-Tape is a high-performance tape which resists most common chemicals and is designed to easily mark out areas that are potentially exposed to most types of chemical spillage or contamination. It’s made from a thicker material than standard tapes and can be used in cold areas where temperatures as low as -45°C.


All of our products have been formulated to perform to the highest standards. To find out how we can help you deliver successful repair, paint and maintenance projects, email us at or call our Technical Advisors on 855-627-6350.

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