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Liquid Waterproofer - Waterproof Coating

Liquid Waterproofer - Waterproof Coating

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Special Price: $173.00  excl. tax

Flexible concrete waterproof coating for re-surfacing and damp proofing floors and walls.

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Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price: $173.00  excl. tax

Product Details

Liquid Waterproofer Coating is the perfect solution for re-surfacing and damp-proofing basements, workshops, storerooms, balconies, walkways, roofs, fountains, storage tanks, swimming pools and more! Excellent for use as a waterproof floor coating as well as a waterproof wall coating.

Features and Benefits of Liquid Waterproofer - Specialty Waterproof Coating:

  • Waterproof yet permeable, allowing the substrate to breathe
  • Thick, flexible two-component coating resists movement & minor cracks
  • Concrete waterproof coating is ideal for floors with damp or rising damp problems
  • Non-toxic
  • Resistant to frost & salt
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Use vertically for surfaces such as cellar walls & storage tanks, when mixed thickly
  • Easily applied by roller application
  • Covers approximately 81 sq. ft. per 55 lb. kit @ 80 mil
  • Can resist up to 10 psi of hydrostatic pressure
  • Mix ratio: 22.5 lb. powder per 1 gal. of latex
  • Light foot traffic: 16 hours, heavy traffic: 72 hours
  • Full chemical airing (resists permanent water pressure): 7 days
  • Use a spiked roller to release air & help even out the surface

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Technical Data Sheet

Appearance white
Delivery Time (Days) Standard
Primer Required no
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
Usage - Suitable for for re-surfacing & damp-proofing basements, workshops, storerooms, balconies, walkways, roofs, fountains, storage tanks, swimming pools and more
Usage - Properties concrete
Usage - Surfaces basement & garage concrete floors which are prone to moisture problems
Coverage (sqft per kit) approximately 81 sq. ft. per 55 lb. kit @ 80 mil
Application - Curing Time (hours) light traffic: approximately 16 hr. @ 70ºF, heavy traffic after 3 days, full chemical curing over 7 days
Application - Pot Life (hours) 2 hr. @ 50º F, 1-1/2 hr. @ 70º F, 30 min. @ 85º F
Application - Recommended Coats 2 Coats
Max Application Temperature (deg F) 85
Application - Application Condition damp but free from standing water
Min Application Temperature (deg F) 50
How To Apply
SURFACE PREPARATION: The concrete surface must be clean, dry and free of loose material. New concrete should be allowed to cure for 28 days prior to coating. Remove oil, dirt, grease and other chemical contaminants by cleaning with detergent or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Use Cemtetch® to remove unsound laitance and create a proper surface profile to the concrete. Rinse thoroughly. Remove excess water by squeegee. The concrete surface must be damp at the time of application.

MIXING: Place the powder into an empty bucket and pour in approximately three quarters of the liquid component, mix using a slow speed drill and paddle mixer. Mix for approximately 3 minutes until a lump free, creamy consistency is achieved. Add the remaining liquid and mix thoroughly.

APPLICATION: The first coat can be applied while the surface is still damp but free from standing water. Use a medium hard short bristled brush or roller. The application thickness should be no more than 60 mil and no less than 20 mil per coat. The second coat may be applied as soon as the first is cured, normally 12-24 hours. For general flooring applications the total film thickness should be between 40-120 mil. To withstand 10 psi hydrostatic pressure the coating thickness should be a minimum of 80 mil for waterproofing. This should be applied in 2 coats (2 x 40 mil). A spiked roller should be used to release air and help even out the surface.

CURING TIME: At 70ºF, a floor treated with Liquid Waterproofer can take light traffic after approximately 16 hours and heavy traffic after 3 days. Full chemical airing is achieved over 7 days. It is at this point the coating will resist permanent water pressure.

COVERAGE: Approximately 81 sq. ft. per kit @ 80 mil.

POT LIFE: 2 hours at 50º F, 1.5 hours at 70º F, 30 minutes at 85º F

CLEAN UP: Clean up equipment immediately with water.
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