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High Build Epoxy 100 Anti Slip

High Build Epoxy 100 Anti Slip

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Two part, anti slip. high gloss, tough 100% solids chemical resistant epoxy floor coating for added slip resistance to interior and exterior concrete.

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$182.20 From
Product Details
High Build 100 Anti Slip is a two-component, high gloss, 100% solids concrete anti slip epoxy coating for long lasting, great looking floors. This industrial non slip epoxy floor coating system is designed for new or old uncoated or previously coated industrial concrete floors exposed to heavy foot traffic, rubber wheel traffic, abrasion, impact and mild to moderate chemicals.

Features and Benefits of High Build Epoxy 100 Anti Slip – Interior Concrete Epoxy Coating:

  • Same great properties as High Build Epoxy 100 but with added grit to now provide an slip resistant floor
  • Excellent durability & mild to moderate chemical resistant epoxy floor coating
  • 100% solids concrete epoxy coating for strong abrasion & impact resistance
  • Suitable for interior applications on concrete, wood or metal
  • Easy to maintain high gloss finish
  • Light foot traffic in 10 hours; vehicle traffic in 48 to 72 hours
  • Approximately 133 sq. ft. per one gallon kit at 12 mils
  • Tools: 18” Roller, Notched Squeegee, and Straight Squeegee

    Use 4-Hour Epoxy Primer on very porous surfaces or Powerfloat Primer on smooth, hard surfaces or power floated floors

    VOC < 100g/L Industrial manitenance coating suitable for exposure to chemical mixtures and solutions as well as repeated industrial cleaning.

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    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior
    Usage - Suitable for concrete
    Usage - Properties high performance roller applied floor coating, and hygienic, resistant to very heavy wear and a wide range of chemicals, low solvent formula, virtually odorless
    Usage - Surfaces new or old uncoated or previously coated concrete floors. VOC < 100g/L Industrial manitenance coating suitable for exposure to chemical mixtures and solutions as well as repeated industrial cleaning.
    Coverage (sqft per kit) 133 sq. ft. per one gal. @ 12 mils
    Application - Curing Time (hours) @ 70 to 80°F, 50% relative humidity: re-coat: 10-24 hr.; do not exceed 48 hr. light foot traffic: 10 hr., normal service: 24 hr., vehicle traffic: 48-72 hr.
    Application - Pot Life (hours) 30 min. maximum, 20 min. working time
    Application - Recommended Coats one coat is normally required
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 90
    Application - Application Condition only when air, material & floor temperatures are between 60 to 90°F
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) 60
    How To Apply
    SURFACE PREPARATION:The concrete surface must be clean, dry and free of loose material. New concrete should be allowed to cure for 28 days prior to coating. Remove oil, dirt, grease and other chemical contaminants by cleaning with detergent or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Use Cemtetch® to remove unsound laitance and create a proper surface profile to the concrete. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before application of the High Build 100. Note: Concrete floors on grade must be free of moisture transmission from the ground. If there is any doubt about the dryness of the concrete, conduct a test by simply taping a piece of 4 mil plastic sheet 18" by 18" on the bare concrete for 24 hours. Be sure to tape all four sides. After 24 hours, check the concrete for signs of moisture. The concrete will be darker if damp. If moisture is found, allow additional drying time (10-14 days) and repeat test. Persistent moisture transmission will prevent proper performance of the coating, please contact a Watco Industrial Flooring Expert at (855) 627-6350 for assistance.

    Also, check for curing compound or other types of sealers by pouring a small amount of water onto the concrete. If water soaks in, the surface is suitable for coating. If water beads up on the concrete, the surface is not porous and a test application is warranted to ensure proper adhesion will develop. Sanding or mechanical abrading may be required if proper adhesion does not develop. Previously coated floors need to be in good sound condition with proper adhesion to the concrete substrate. Check the adhesion of the previous coating by cutting a small X in the coating using a sharp razor knife, firmly apply a piece of 2" duct tape over the center of the X cut, then pull off with a fast snap. The coating is suitable to topcoat if no significant previous coating is removed beyond the X cut. If the coating fails this test, then additional surface preparation is required. It is recommended previously coated floors be sanded and vacuumed prior to application of the High Build 100.

    Mixing: Mix material when air temperatures is between 50-77ºF (10-25ºC) Combine the base and activator by power mixing. Mix at 500-750 rpm for 1-3 minutes. Do not over mix or use higher speeds. This can introduce air into the coating causing small bubbles in the finish. It is very important to transfer as much activator as possible, scrape the sides and bottom of the container thoroughly. Mix the two components together for 1-3 minutes being careful to not pull air into the mixture. Once mixed, immediately pour the material onto the floor. NOTE: Do not scrape the sides or bottom of the mixed container. Use only the material that flows naturally out of the container. Doing so may result with un-activated material from the side wall of the container being applied. This will cause soft spots in the coating.

    APPLICATION:Apply only when air, material and floor temperatures are between 60-90°F (15.5-32°C). Because of the short pot life, it is recommended the application of the coating be limited to small sections. One activated gallon of High Build 100 will cover 133 square feet at 12 mils. For best performance of the High Build 100, a film thickness of 12 mils is required. This can be achieved with a single coat application, however, on bare concrete there is a risk of out gassing from small pinholes and voids in the concrete during the curing of the coating which will form out gas bubbles in the finish. To greatly reduce the risk of out gas bubbles we recommend that bare concrete be first primed with either the 4-Hour Epoxy Primer or the Powerfloat Primer . Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for the primer for more information and application instructions.

    NOTE: Out gassing only occurs when there is a rise in temperature causing air trapped in pinholes to expand. The risk of out gas bubbles can also be reduced by avoiding application of the coating during times of the day where temperatures may increase. After the primer has cured, mark off the floor into 133 square foot sections. Coating this area with one gallon of activated High Build 100 finish will yield a film thickness of 12 mils. On previously coated floors where out gassing is not a problem, the High Build Epoxy Plus System can be applied directly to the floor in a single coat application of 12 mils. Mark out the floor into 133 square foot sections for coverage with one gallon of activated material. After pouring the material onto the floor, use a rubber squeegee to spread the material out over the entire section. Roll the material smooth using a short nap (3/16-3/8") lint free roller with a phenolic core. Make all final passes parallel and in the same direction. Do not roll excessively and do not re-roll the material after the final passes are made. Doing so may result in color variations. Working time is 20 minutes. NOTE: Change the roller cover every 30 minutes and always mount it on the roller frame in the same direction. After completing the section repeat the process on the adjacent section, overlapping the prior application approximately 6 inches to blend the coating together. Natural breaks in the floor, such as control joints or expansion joints, should be used as stopping points if the entire floor cannot be completed in one day. The coated floor will be ready for foot traffic 10 hours after application of the final coat. The coating will be ready for full use in 48-72 hours at 70-80°F and 50% relative humidity. Do not detergent wash the floor for 5 days after application.

    CURING TIME: Light foot traffic: 10 hours. Normal service: 24 hours. Vehicle traffic: 48-72 hours. Recoat: 10-24 hours, do not exceed 48 hours.

    COVERAGE: 133 sq.ft./gal @ 12 Mils

    CLEAN UP: Clean up equipment with Xylene.
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