Strong Enough For The Steel Industry

"Easy to mix, easy to apply and lasts for years!"

A commercial steel processing facility in Tennessee moves millions of pounds of steel over their floor each and every month. They came to Watco in search of a product to fix damaged concrete. The company had broken edges in slabs and holes spreading across their large facility. Watco experts advised that they try Concrex®

The epoxy resin mortar is a permanent repair with twice the strength of concrete, making it an ideal solution for this high traffic, heavy wear floor. Application is simple, just mix the two components and trowel over the affected area up to 2" deep. Concrex's versatility allows for feather edging to meet the surrounding surface for seamless repairs without the need for messy saw cuts.

"Over the years, I've used this material in about a dozen applications," said Jimmy the steel processing facility manager. "It's easy to mix, easy to apply and lasts for years!"

For this first project, the following products were needed:




Step 1: Combine Contents

Step 2: Mix Contents

Step 3: Trowel Concrex®

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