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Flowtop® Concrete Resurfacer

Flowtop® Concrete Resurfacer

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High strength self leveling compound for resurfacing damaged or uneven concrete floors. Fiber reinforced formula is ideal for forklift traffic and general industrial use, at just 1/8" thick. Simply pour a new floor with a slip resistant and non-dusting finish. Ready for foot traffic in 6 hours. *Primers included.

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$134.50 From
Product Details
Flowtop® is a self leveling compound for resurfacing uneven or rough, damaged, or peeling concrete floors. It makes projects to repair uneven concrete fast and easy. Just pour a new concrete floor in minutes directly from the container, saving time, effort and mess. Tools even clean easily with water. It also helps prevent dangerous slips and falls in the workplace.

Features and Benefits of Flowtop® - Concrete Resurfacer:

  • Provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface to rough or damaged concrete
  • High strength formula suitable for forklift traffic and general industrial use at as little as 1/8" thick
  • Fiber reinforced for a stronger, more durable surface that is slip & chip resistant
  • Can be painted or left bare as a non-dusting surface
  • Ready for foot traffic after 6 hours and forklift traffic after 24 hours
  • Covers approximately 35 sq. ft. per 50 lb. pack at ⅛" thick. Primers included.
  • Can be used for interior or exterior applications
  • Ideal for warehouses, factories, parking lots, sidewalks, workshops, and auto body garages
  • Tools: Mixing Blade, Spiked Roller, and Spiked Shoes

    Flowtop is far stronger than Concrete.
    Comparison over 28 days
    Tensile Strength  Flowtop 1131 psi    Concrete 493 psi 
    Flexural Strength  Flowtop 1407 psi    Concrete 1001 psi  
    Compressive Strength   Flowtop 5757 psi    Concrete 4322 psi  

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    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Appearance flat finish
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days
    Primer Required yes, provided in kit
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
    Usage - Suitable for concrete
    Usage - Properties pourable resurfacing material, creates high strength surface, smooth flat matte finish, quick and easy to apply, inherently slip resistant, can be over coated, high strength even at 1/8" thick
    Usage - Surfaces floors
    Coverage (sqft per kit) approximately 35 sq. ft. per 50 lb. kit at 1/8" thick
    Application - Curing Time (hours) foot traffic after 6 hr. and forklift traffic after 24 hr. @ 60-70° F
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 85
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) 40
    How To Apply
    Surface Preparation: The concrete surface should be reasonably clean and free of loose material. A good sweeping with a stiff broom is usually sufficient. Remove heavy oil and grease contamination using Bio-D® or a similar degreaser. Flowtop can be applied to a damp concrete surface. The Flowtop materials should be stored for 8 hours prior to use at a temperature range of 60-75°F.

    Priming: Two primers are supplied. Dampen areas of bare concrete with clean cold water and leave for 20-30 minutes. Apply Primer 1 to the prepared surface by brush and allow it to soak into the concrete for at least 15-20 minutes. Primer 1 can be left overnight to dry if time permits. Primer 2 can be applied while Primer 1 is still tacky or if Primer 1 has completely dried. Apply the primers evenly and avoid ponding on the surface. A sufficient amount of Primer 2 is supplied to allow for very absorbent surfaces, so there may be an excess amount of primer if used on a less absorbent surface. Apply only as much as is required to provide a thin, even film without ponding. If excess Primer 2 is used it can bleed through the wet Flowtop and dry on the surface. Although any dried primer will wear off as the floor is put into use, it can lead to problems if the Flowtop is going to be painted.

    Mixing: (begin mixing immediately after Primer 2 has been applied). It is strongly recommended the entire kit be mixed and used rather than trying to split the kit. Empty the large container of resin into a clean empty bucket and gradually add the powder using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing blade ensuring complete blending of the components. Continue mixing for approximately 3-5 minutes until an even color and creamy consistency is obtained. The mixed components should be used immediately. Pot Life None. Use material as soon as it is mixed.

    Application: Pour the mixed components on to the prepared surface. For best results the Primer 2 should, at this stage, be uniformly wet over the surface. Apply more primer if required to any areas which may have dried out although ponding should be avoided. Using a rectangular trowel and squeegee to spread the mixed components across the surface of the concrete at the desired thickness. Immediately after application use a spiked roller to release any trapped air and improve the finish. Work the spiked roller uniformly across the surface rolling each area 3 or 4 times from different directions. The spiked roller should not be used more than 20 minutes after the product has been applied (less in warm or very dry conditions). Once the Flowtop begins to cure, further use of the spike roller will start to leave roller marks which will not disappear. Care should be taken not to spread wet primer or the mixed components onto surrounding surfaces. External applications in direct sunlight can lead to hairline crazing. In exceptional temperature conditions, please contact a Watco Industrial Flooring Expert at (855) 627-6350.

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