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Flowpatch Deep Fill - Concrete Pothole Repair

Flowpatch Deep Fill - Concrete Pothole Repair

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Quick setting, pourable repairs for deep holes on heavily trafficked floors between 2" - 8" deep. Same great 2 hour cure time but redesigned for larger depths.

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Product Details

Watco Flowpatch Deepfill is an easy to mix pourable material for quick repairs to deep holes in level concrete, inside or outside. Watco Flowpatch Deepfill is extremely strong and hardens quickly: it will accept heavy traffic including forklifts only 2 hours after application.

  • Just add water, mix and pour
  • Can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete
  • Sets at low temperatures (down to 40°F)
  • Can be applied at any depth between 2-8 inches
  • Light grey, slip resistant finish
  • Ideal for filling deep holes before screeding with Watco Flowtop.
  • Fiber reinforced

For repairs to ramps, steps and for reforming edges, we recommend Watco Concrex®. For resurfacing or leveling larger areas of rough or tamped concrete please use Watco Flowtop®.

Coverage: As a guide, each 50 lb unit will cover approximately 2.5 sq ft at 2" thick.

Storage: Store in dry conditions.

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Prop 65

Flowpatch Deepfill

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Flowpatch Deep Fill Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior or exterior
Usage - Suitable for deep repairs in concrete floors for quick repairs to flat concrete inside or outside
Usage - Properties quick setting, pourable patch repair for heavily trafficked floors, just add water, mix and pour, slip resistant finish, sets at low temperatures
Usage - Surfaces concrete floors
Coverage (sqft per kit) 2.5 sq ft per 50lb at 2" thick
Application - Curing Time (hours) Pedestrian traffic:- 30-60 minutes at 60-70°F, forklift traffic:- 2 hours at 60-70°F
How To Apply

Surface Preparation: The substrate should be clean and free from oil or contaminants. Any loose material should be removed from the surface. If possible wire brush the surface. Edges of the repair should be cut to depth to avoid feather-edging in heavy wear areas. Flowpatch® Deepfill can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete.

Mixing: Do not mix more than you can use within 10 minutes. Mixing Ratio is 3 parts Flowpatch powder to 1 part water by volume. Gradually add the Flowpatch powder/aggregate to water mixing continuously with a mixing blade on a drill to achieve pourable slurry. Thoroughly mix the sides and base of the powder in the bucket to break up any lumps of unmixed dry powder. Once mixed, curing begins very quickly, so the mixture should be applied immediately. Once thoroughly mixed, do not re-stir as this could potentially weaken the final repair. The remaining powder/aggregate can be stored for future use. Pot Life is 5 to 10 minutes at 70°F.
Application: When a smooth consistency has been produced, simply pour Flowpatch® Deep Fill into the damaged area. After proper mixing, the repair will self-level and need minimal troweling. Flowpatch resists oils and grease.
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