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Flexible Crack Filler

Flexible Crack Filler

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Self-leveling, two component low viscosity polyurea concrete crack repair formula that settles perfectly into joints and cracks.
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Regular Price: $42.20

Special Price: $30.00  excl. tax

Product Details
Flexible Crack Filler and crack sealant is ideal for patching hairline cracks and spalls in concrete. It is a two-component, rapid curing 1:1 ratio, self-leveling, 100% solids, semi-rigid system that provides 10 to 15% movement of installed joint width.

Flexible Crack Filler can be used to fill interior control joints, new construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces, contraction joints, and construction joints. It can also be used in exterior applications where minimal joint movements from thermal cycling will occur.

Features and Benefits of Flexible Crack Filler – Self-leveling Concrete Repair:

  • Self leveling, hard wearing & penetrating concrete crack sealant
  • Can be used between -40 to 120°F
  • For interior & exterior, heavy-duty traffic & freezer applications
  • Convenient 9 oz. tube with 2 Static Mixers included
  • Ultra fast curing in 20 min., traffic in 90 min. at 72°F
  • Includes 2 Static Mixers for multiple uses/applications
  • Not for use in expansion joints or areas with moisture
  • Coverage: 14 cu. inches
  • One tube will fill approximately 5.2 linear feet of a ¼” wide by 1” deep crack
  • Easy to apply with our Industrial Caulk Gun
  • Excellent chemical resistant (see technical data sheet for a complete list of chemicals)
  • Use Backer Rod to fill deep cracks before applying sealer
  • Excellent adhesion with no primer needed
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal repairs
  • Can be over painted

  • Prop 65

    Flexible Crack Filler

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    Safety Data Sheet_Flexible Crack Filler_A710630
    Technical Data Sheet

    Appearance gray
    Delivery Time (Days) Standard
    Primer Required no
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
    Usage - Suitable for concrete hairline crack and spall repair
    Usage - Properties two-component low viscosity polyurea formula settles perfectly into joints and cracks, flexible, hardwearing
    Usage - Surfaces concrete
    Coverage (sqft per kit) 14 cu. inches
    Application - Curing Time (hours) gel time 2.5 min,, tack free 12 min.
    Application - Pot Life (hours) 5-6 min. in static mixer
    Application - Recommended Coats 1
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 120
    Application - Application Condition clean and dry
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) -40
    How To Apply
    SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove all dust, debris, oil and any other contamination from the construction and/or saw cut joints. For best results re-cut the joints with a dry diamond blade. Joints must be clean and dry. Fill deep cracks with backer rod before applying the joint sealer. The minimum depth of the joint should be twice the width with a minimum depth of 1/2 inch. Dispense material into joint so that material is slightly higher than the face of the concrete. Allow the product to set for approximately 45 minutes at 75°F. Then use a sharp razor scraper to shave excess material from top of slab. LIMITATIONS: Flexible Crack Filler is not intended for joints that are subject to high movement on exterior applications. This is a moisture sensitive product during and prior to full cure. Joints must be clean and dry to facilitate a strong bond.

    APPLICATION: The two components are supplied in a dual cartridge and mixed simultaneously through a static mixing nozzle. While preparing cartridge for dispensing, keep cartridge in upright or horizontal position to prevent material from leaking out of cartridge. Do not tilt cartridge until material is ready to be applied to the repair area. IMPORTANT: During set-up of cartridge and initial dispensing of material, keep cartridge and nozzle assembly pointed straight up. AFTER the initial shot of material, do not point the cartridge upward to prevent material in nozzle from fl owing back into the cartridge. Shake cartridge vigorously for 1 minute, then stand cartridge upright for 1 minute. Insert cartridge into dispenser. Make sure it is properly positioned with shoulder of cartridge flush with front/top bracket of the dispenser. Remove plastic cap from the top of the cartridge. Place the mixing nozzle onto cartridge and secure by threading in a clock-wise direction. Make sure that the nozzle and cartridge assembly is secure. Point nozzle straight up and slowly apply pressure to dispenser, moving product up through the nozzle until it reaches the tip, then dispense 1 stroke of material into a rag (1-2 quick bursts if using an air tool) and discard. After purging and balancing keep the cartridge pointed downward or horizontal to prevent mixed material in the nozzle from flowing back into the cartridge.

    For Interior Applications: Place the mixing nozzle directly over the crack, joint or repair area. Dispense material using full smooth trigger pulls (no short choppy strokes) and allow material to gravity feed into the crack/joint. Fill the crack/joint flush or over-fill the crack/joint so that material is slightly higher than the face of the concrete slab you are repairing. Allow the product to set for approximately 45-90 minutes (at 75°F.) then use a sharp razor scraper to shave excess material from top of slab.

    For Exterior Applications: A premium water-based primer that is compatible with solvent-based coatings MUST be used prior to the application of any topcoat. A small test patch should be applied prior to the full application. The repaired crack can be shaved or sanded in approximately 45-90 minutes (75°F) but you must wait a minimum of 24 hours before any application of primer. In direct sunlight the color may change over time.

    CLEAN-UP: Clean up immediately with Xylene or MEK may be substituted.

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