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Facilities Maintenance Checklist - Watco

Facilities Maintenance Checklist - Watco


Maintenance is critical to protect the occupants of any building and the building itself. Keeping up to date with minor repairs and safety standards saves money and time later on, not to mention protecting employees from injury. A regular maintenance schedule should be created and followed throughout the year to help eliminate hazards and prevent workplace injuries.

Sometimes, however, there are just too many things to keep track of. We suggest creating a facilities maintenance checklist, and putting as many items on it that you can think of to inspect. A great way to create the list is to start outside and work your way inside, making notes of all the items that may have to be checked every week, month, quarter, year, etc... Always error on the side of caution. More is better in this case.

We know that your time may be very limited so we have tried to help you by creating a basic facilities maintenance checklist that you can start off using. You can then add and remove items based on your unique business needs. Download the pdf or EXCEL file below. You and your fellow employees deserve a safe, comfortable workplace. By following a yearly maintenance plan, you can accomplish this and keep your buildings in great shape.


To download a pdf or spreadsheet of our Facilities Maintenance Checklist click one of the images below.

PDF Version                Spreadsheet Version

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