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Building Maintenance


The gradual deterioration of concrete and asphalt surfaces, caused by weather conditions, heavy plant and machinery or the wear and tear of foot traffic creates hazardous surfaces and working environments. A regular maintenance and repair programme improves the safety of working areas, prevents injury and provides a well-conditioned floor surface. With our wide range of heavy duty product options you can seal, fill, paint, and protect surfaces to help prolong the life of your floor without exceeding project deadlines or budgets. We’ve formulated our products to the highest quality to ensure you can carry out your job smoothly and successfully, with minimum downtime to deliver results that last.


Large or small, repairs to concrete and asphalt surfaces are vital. Regular and early repairs prevent bigger problems developing and help maintain productivity and safety.

Our Concrex® products include Deep Fill, Cold Cure and Vertical options, all designed to provide a durable solution for almost every type of concrete repair. Concrex® Concrete Repair Mortar is our best-selling repair product because it provides permanent industrial strength repairs to damaged concrete with just one layer. It’s also 8 times stronger than concrete which means repairs are more durable and last longer, saving you time and money in the long run.
Not just for large repairs, our Concrex® range includes products for fixing minor imperfections. Concrex® Fine Filler is an easy application paste that is perfect for repairing scratches and bolt holes, on horizontal and vertical surfaces. And if you’re planning to paint the floor, it’s the perfect product for filling imperfections that would otherwise be highlighted by the paint to achieve an improved finish.

Quick and easy to use – mix the components, apply to the damaged surface and wipe away any excess with a dry cloth – and after overnight curing, it will withstand traffic and be ready for painting. Or, leave as is so business can return to normal in no time. Economical to use, you only mix as much as you need for the specific repair so there is minimal waste – and you can keep any unused material for future repairs.

See how the Knauf Group, a major producer within the agri-food sector, used Concrex® products to update their worn down factory flooring.

Where potholes are the problem, Bitu-Mend® fills external asphalt and concrete damage typical in roads, walkways, car parks, and loading bays. This durable bitumen-based patch repair applies as a soft, flexible material which quickly dries to a hardened state that is immediately ready for traffic. For larger asphalt repairs ( between 15 and 200mm deep), use Bitu-Mend® Deep Fill or for heavily trafficked areas, Bitu-Mend® Advanced.



Cracks in floors can cause costly damage if not repaired – as they very quickly get worse. It’s quick and easy to fill cracks with long-lasting results.

When bricks and stonework crack, seal and waterproof the imperfections with Vertical Crack Filler. This masonry epoxy is fast curing, does not shrink, and can also be used as an all-purpose adhesive by itself.

When dealing with floors or walls that are subject to movement, Flexible Crack Sealant provides your surface with flexibility well after bonding. Use a standard skeleton gun to fill and seal cracks ranging from 3 to 25mm wide.

Fill unsightly cracks in asphalt and tarmac surfaces with Asphalt Crack Filler to protect surfaces and prevent water ingress, erosion and accelerated deterioration. This rubberised bitumen-based product provides easy application, allowing you to simply pour the liquid into any crack between 3mm and 255mm using a spouted can. When dried, the material will remain flexible to allow expansion and movement.

For quick repairs to broken concrete, masonry kerbs or balustrades, we recommend Putty Patch, our mouldable repair material. As a result of its putty-like consistency, Putty Patch can be moulded into any shape to help recreate the original outline of the surface prior to repair. Easy to mix, it will set after just 10 minutes.



A hardwearing, long-lasting paint can be a great asset to your site. Not only will it improve appearances, it can help extend the life of your floors as well as acting as a safety measure.

If you are working a tight budget, our best-selling Concrete Floor Paint is an inexpensive solution which is hard-wearing and oil resistant – ideal for re-painting tired and unsightly concrete surfaces. Two coats are quickly and easily applied by roller.

Update old and stained asphalt with Black Top, a bitumen-based surface dressing which will hide imperfections and leave your faded tarmac surfaces looking as good as new. Aside from aesthetic purposes, this paint provides a protective top coating to extend the life of tarmac surfaces and avoid the need for costly and time consuming resurfacing.

If you are tasked with making exterior surfaces more visually appealing, Asphalt Paint provides colourful protection from water, surface movement, and levels of light to medium traffic. Only one coat is required to seal and transform drab asphalt in just 24 hours, saving you both time and money in the long term. It is ideal for marking car parking bays and colour coding safe walkway areas.

Apply Safety Grip, our best-selling textured floor paint, to dangerous areas with substantial foot traffic to help minimize the risk of accidents. Ideal for internal and external use, this anti slip coating provides traction on walkways and ramps for pedestrians and wheelchairs- even in wet or oily conditions. This durable coating contains a mineral aggregate finish to achieve a painted surface which will withstand heavy traffic.



After refreshing heavily trafficked areas with our paints and sealers, use one of our brightly coloured traffic paints to highlight hazardous areas in either interior or exterior locations. From reflective to slip-resistant paint, these products will ensure continuous safety in areas after construction projects have finished.

You can bring attention to potentially hazardous vertical and horizontal surfaces, like low beams or steps, with a coat of our fluorescent yellow High Visibility Paint. This highlighting paint cures in just 24 hours for light traffic, and only one coat is required to reach its brightest effect.

Roadmarker Reflective uses fine glass beads to provide extra visibility for marking out private roadways and car parks for pedestrians and drivers. The hard-wearing glass beads make the surface more slip resistant, as well as reflecting light. Perfect for bare or painted concrete or asphalt surfaces, it can be applied by roller or brush, and accepts pedestrian traffic within 4 hours when applied at 10°C.



Protect your premises from bottom to top. Our roofing materials are designed to repair, resurface and seal your roof surfaces – to greatly extend the life of your roof and avoid costly re-roofing.

Roofite® is a heavy duty mixture of bitumen, rubber, and tough fibre reinforcement, which helps to waterproof and reseal damaged roofs without requiring existing material to be torn off. Flexible throughout all seasons, this liquid roof paint is ideal for repairing splits and cracks, and can even be used as an emergency roof repair in the pouring rain. Use Roofite® Solar Reflective, which is mixed with aluminium flake to help keep buildings cool in sunny weather.

To quickly resurface larger areas with splits and cracks, use Roofite® Pour and Restore and a squeegee to provide a thick and waterproof roof coating. Use to level undulating surfaces which are prone to drainage and puddling difficulties.


All of our products have been formulated to perform to the highest standards. To find out how we can help you deliver successful repair, paint and maintenance projects, email us at or call our Technical Advisors on 855-627-6350.

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