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Concrex® Deep Fill Epoxy Repair Mortar

Concrex® Deep Fill Epoxy Repair Mortar

50 lb. kit From $191.60  excl. tax

High strength concrete epoxy resin mortar ideal for filling deep holes in concrete and brick quickly and economically.

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Product Details

Concrex® Deep Fill is designed to fill deep hole repairs to within ¼” of the finished floor level before topping off with standard Concrex®.Can be applied at ½ to 4" thick in one layer and up to 4” in depth. Concrex® Deep Fill is specially formulated to allow quick and easy application of thicker layers. Our new extra strength novolac resin formula creates a cost-effective foundation for other Concrex® products.

Deep Fill produces a coarse finish that can be over coated with Concrex Original, Cold Set or Rapid to produce a finer grade surface.

Features and Benefits of Concrex® Deep Fill - Concrete Epoxy Resin Mortar:


  • Ideal for filling deep holes quickly and economically.
  • Navy Gray color
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Ready for traffic in 5 to 6 hours
  • Covers approximately 5 sq. ft. per 50 lb. kit at 1" thick
  • Suitable for Concrete and Metal
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance and anti slip properties
  • Tools: Tack Coat Primer (required for screeding), Finishing Trowel or Mix & Apply Margin Trowel

    Concrex is far stronger than Concrete.
    Comparison over 28 days
    Tensile Strength   Concrex 2234 psi     Concrete 493 psi  
    Flexural Strength   Concrex 8108 psi     Concrete 1001 psi  
    Compressive Strength   Concrex 8006 psi     Concrete 4322 psi  

    Prop 65

    Concrex Advanced

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    Technical Data Sheet
Appearance flat finish
Delivery Time (Days) 2 to 4
Primer Required tack coat (for screeding or damp surfaces)
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
Usage - Suitable for concrete & metal
Usage - Properties for deep holes creates a cost-effective foundation for other Concrex products
Usage - Surfaces floors, ramps, steps
Coverage (sqft per kit) 5 sq. ft. per 50 lb. kit at 1" thick depth: apply from 1/2 to 4" per layer
Application - Curing Time (hours) 5 to 6 hours @ 60-70°F
Application - Pot Life (hours) 30 min. to 1 hour
Application - Recommended Coats 1, but can apply more if deeper than 4"
Max Application Temperature (deg F) 90
Application - Application Condition dry
Min Application Temperature (deg F) 50
How To Apply

Surface Preparation: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of all loose material. Wire brushing or sweeping is generally sufficient. If needed, wash with Concroff®, or suitable degreaser or detergent solution, to remove grease and oil, rinse and allow to dry. If time constraints don’t allow full drying, then use Tack Coat to prime damp areas.

Mixing: Concrex Deep Fill should be stored at an ambient temperature above 50°F for approximately 8 hours prior to use. Do not use material if air and surface temperatures are below 50°F. Each pack of Concrex Deep Fill contains aggregate pre-blended with resin and the curing agent. Do not mix inside the plastic bucket. Wearing protective gloves, tip the aggregate on to a mixing tray or board. Shake the containers of curing agent thoroughly until the liquid is a uniform color. Form the aggregate into a mound and leave a small hole in the middle. Empty the curing agent into the hole, ensuring the container is completely drained. Carefully mix the aggregate with the curing agent using a trowel until a smooth mortar is obtained, this will take several minutes. The more thorough the mixing, the ‘wetter’, smoother and more manageable the mix becomes. Alternatively, you can knead the mixture by hand, but you must wear suitable gloves. It is important to mix thoroughly until you achieve a consistent color.

Application: Place the mixed material into the area to be repaired and spread out and finish with a steel trowel. To reduce ‘drag’ on the trowel, wet the blade with mineral spirits. This will aid getting a smooth finish to the Concrex Deep Fill. Concrex Deep Fill is normally applied in thicknesses of 1/2-4 inches.
Case Studies
Nikolai Ishchuk - Concrex Deep Fill - Watco Industrial Flooring


Check out Nikolai Ishchuk's latest sculptures in our feature article of his current display in London with his Creative Take On Concrex 


A talented award winning artist is looking for a quick setting, durable, non porous alternative to concrete to create beautiful photosculptures.

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