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Winter is still a very important time for businesses, so warehouses and other areas must be maintained in order to reduce downtime. However, during this season, problems facing companies increase significantly. Repair and maintenance work becomes more difficult as a result of low temperatures and poor weather conditions. In addition, hazardous weather conditions greatly increase the risk of slips and trips in the workplace as a result of icy or wet steps, walkways and floors. To ensure the safety of employees, steps and working areas must be well maintained to reduce the risk of injury as a result of poor weather.  


Our cold curing range includes several repair mortars designed to repair concrete and asphalt in cold temperatures (Concrex® Cold Set, Flowpatch® Self Leveling Concrete Patch, and Heavy Duty Crack Filler). Various products have also been created to reduce the risk of slips and trips in poor weather conditions (Safety Coat Plus® Cold CureAnti Slip Clear Coat Plus and our Fiberglass range). Finally, we created some products for general maintenance use during the winter months (Asphalt Repair Patch, Flowtop® Concrete Resurfacer  and Roofite Quick Patch Black).

         Cold Curing Products


How our chemists have helped - When the team of expert chemists at Watco Industrial Flooring’s development laboratory in Cheshire, England, set out to develop a brand new coating technology, they faced some steep challenges. The existing product was based on the fast-setting coating Polyureas, which created a number of significant flaws that limited its uses for customers. After mixing, for example, the coating remained useable for only an exceedingly short time so it couldn’t be applied over larger areas, such as an entire concrete floor.

Over the next three years the Watco Industrial Flooring team carried out extensive lab work to develop a new type of coating with resins that have recently come onto the market that had a longer application time but maintained the fast-curing aspects. The result is called Polyaspartic resin technology and our research into coatings and repair materials for industrial applications represents exciting far-reaching developments in this field.

The fast-curing features at low temperatures of our Watco Industrial Flooring Polyaspartic products can lead to significant benefits to productivity because areas that have been treated, such as cold room floors, are only out of action for a short period of time.

The use of Polyaspartic resins also offer the reassurance of other benefits including an abrasion resistance that is three times that of a traditional Epoxy system, a high-gloss finish, more flexibility and excellent chemical/ abrasion resistance. Rapid curing at ambient temperatures, low viscosity and high solid content means that our Polyaspartic products offer flexibility in a variety of situations.

The development team was able to control the rate of reaction and cure to optimize the curing time at low temperatures. This means we can now offer a repair product that is effective in conditions that are almost impossible for other existing technologies on the market. The same properties are also found in our Cold Set coatings.

With Watco Industrial Flooring's base in Polyaspartic technology confirmed, we have continued to develop our range to cover all of our customers’ needs and can now offer clear, colored, smooth and anti-slip Polyaspartic coatings. The products can be adapted for interior and exterior uses because they are not only formulated to have many of the high-build properties and durability of epoxies but they are also much more UV-resistant. This means there is no more yellowing when they are exposed to sunlight and exterior areas in low temperatures can be coated without the risk of retarded cure, blooming and chalking of the surface.

Polyaspartics represent ground-breaking technology with numerous benefits making them ideal for any application.


Main Concerns:


Tackling concrete floor repairs in winter  

Tackling concrete floor repairs this winter

Concrete floor damage can occur at any time of the year. To lower risk, further costs or reduced productivity, repairs should be undertaken as soon as possible. During the winter months repairing damaged floors can become even more of a concern, as many conventional repair products will not be successful in cold conditions.


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Safety during slippery season  

Safety during slippery season

During the winter, poor weather conditions significantly increase the risks of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. We know that the safety of your employees and customers is of the utmost importance to you, but during the winter more precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, it is often harder to put anti-slip, risk-minimizing products into action when it is damp, cold or icy.


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Cold curing floor paint  

Cold cure floor paint range

During winter, cold temperatures can make painting or coating very difficult. This is because many coatings will not withstand low temperatures and can become thick or frozen. A new polyaspartic technology has allowed our chemists to produce a selection of high quality coatings that will cure at low temperatures, making them ideal for winter use.


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Pothole Repair in Winter  

Repair Potholes this Winter

Winter is the time of year when potholes form. Water ingress is the main reason why this happens; in winter, when the temperatures are low, water gets into the little cracks in asphalt, freezes and expands. Add a substantial amount of traffic to the equation and you have parking lot full of potholes.


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