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Bio-D Floor Degreaser and Cleaner

Bio-D Floor Degreaser and Cleaner

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Bio-D is our high-performance, environmentally friendly emulsifying degreaser for floors and machinery. This effective concrete degreaser replaces your traditional solvent-based products.

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$26.35 From
Product Details

Bio-D is a high-performance, heavy duty emulsifying degreaser for floors and machinery that replaces traditional solvent-based products. It is specially formulated to remove oil and grease from concrete and other masonry type floors. Bio-D contains no solvents or other chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.

Features and Benefits of Bio-D- Concrete Floor Degreaser and Cleaner:


Appearance clear liquid
Delivery Time (Days) Standard
Primer Required no
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
Usage - Suitable for concrete & metal
Usage - Properties powerful degreaser without the use of hazardous substances, penetrates even the thickest deposits of impacted grease, simply rinse away or mop up, can also be used as a machine degreaser
Usage - Surfaces floors
How To Apply

Application: The floor must be dry before application. Brush in undiluted Bio-D with a stiff broom, allowing at least 15 minutes for penetration. A little water may be added to the floor at this stage to aid spreading. Too much will reduce the effectiveness of Bio-D. Then loosen deposits with a stiff broom or mechanical scrubber. Rinse with clean cold water preferably while continuing to scrub. If further applications are required, the floor should be reasonably dry before application.

Coverage: Varies widely according to conditions. Assume 150 sq. ft. per 1.3 gallons may be used as a guide when removing heavy contamination.
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