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Asphalt Resurfacer

Asphalt Resurfacer

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Seal, resurface and transform tired and worn asphalt. Damaged surfaces look as good as new with this easy to apply resurfacer that needs no primer and offers excellent UV and weathering protection.

Black Mid Green Tile Red
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$206.10 From
Product Details
Watco Asphalt Resurfacer seals and resurfaces damaged and worn asphalt. It forms a flexible, sealed, waterproof surface that transforms old asphalt and tarmac.

  • Easy squeegee application
  • Matte, slip resistant surface
  • No primer required
  • Non-hazardous and low odor acrylic formula
  • Excellent adhesion and covering power
  • Quick drying (24 hours for light traffic)
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering
  • Can be applied at 80mil thick in one layer, several layers, can be applied to cover badly worn patches
  • Suitable for pedestrian and light-medium traffic
  • Available in Black, Tile Red, Mid Green and Dark Gray
  • Coverage approx. 160 sq ft at 40mil thick

  • Prop 65

    Concrex Advanced

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    Technical Data Sheet
  • Black Safety Data Sheet
  • Dark Gray Safety Data Sheet
  • Mid Green Safety Data Sheet
  • Tile Red Safety Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days
    Usage - Interior / Exterior exterior
    Usage - Suitable for old asphalt and tarmac
    Usage - Surfaces asphalt
    Max Operational Temp (deg F) 90°F
    Coverage (sqft per kit) Coverage approx. 160 sq ft at 40mil thick
    Application - Curing Time (hours) protect from rain for 6 to 12 hours following application. Touch dry /Light traffic: 24 hours at 50 - 60°F, 15 - 20 hours at 60 - 85°F Heavy traffic: 2 - 3 days at 50 - 60°F, 2 days at 60 - 85°F.
    How To Apply
    Watco Asphalt Resurfacer is flexible to allow for some movement in asphalt surfaces. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of loose material by brushing with a stiff broom and clean water. Allow to become dry, or almost dry, before applying the Asphalt Resurfacer. If the surface has been previously painted, remove as much paint as possible with a grinder.

    Watco Bio-D, a bio-degradable water based degreaser can be used for grease removal from concrete and asphalt. Watco Asphalt Resurfacer can be applied to a damp, but not wet, substrate. Damp down porous surfaces (but do not leave standing water) before application.

    Stir the contents well with a wide bladed mixing tool to ensure that the product has not settled.

    Apply only in dry conditions (above 50°F and below 95°F). Do not apply in cold, damp conditions or when rain is forecast. In warmer conditions 75°F-95°F dry, hot surfaces should be slightly dampened first. Pour onto the surface and spread in one direction using a squeegee or roller to achieve a smooth finish. Alternatively it can be over rollered with a textured roller to create an anti slip finish. Do not apply the product in layers thicker than 2 mm. Never add water to the product.
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