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Roof Walkway Matting

Roof Walkway Matting

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Not Just For Roofs! This all weather matting has an open grid, self draining system safely permits maintenance access during windy or standing water conditions. safer maintenance access on flat roofs. It can also be used on interior floors for added safety.

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$767.35 From
Product Details
Avoid damage to your roof membrane from foot traffic. Roof Walkway Matting elevates your walking surface 9/16" evenly distributing weight across thermo-welded PVC ribbing. It is specifically designed as a safe walkway for flat roofs in all weather conditions. Compatible with all roofing membranes. Simply lay it down and only reposition after extreme wind conditions. Its 9/16” height, anti slip tread and open grid self draining system provides permanent slip resistance even in areas where water and snow may pool.

Features and Benefits of Roof Walkway Matting - Matting Products:

  • Permanent slip resistance
  • 9/16” UV resistant non porous PVC
  • Protects roofing membranes
  • Self draining open grid design
  • Weight holds matting in place - no fixings required
  • Use inside or outside
  • Impervious to all weather conditions
  • Cross directional top ribs and a ‘diamond cut’ surface for a firm underfoot grip
  • Color: Gray (black and white are available by special order)

    Includes a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee

    Slip Resistance Test Results (SRT)

  • DIN 51130 R10,V10
  • ASTM 1677 - Dry/Wet 0.6/0.5

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    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Appearance gray
    Delivery Time (Days) Standard
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior & exterior
    Usage - Suitable for all surfaces where slipping is a concern
    Usage - Properties Thermo-welded all weather matting for safer maintenance access on flat roofs, easy to lay, maintenance free, 9/16" height, anti slip, open grid self-draining, UV resistant, weight holds matting in place - no fixings required, stable even in hurricane forc
    Usage - Surfaces all
    Max Operational Temp (deg F) 122°F
    Max Application Temperature (deg F) 122°F
    Min Application Temperature (deg F) -9°F
    How To Apply

    Place matting in desired location and let sit for 24 hours to acclimate to roofing surface. If combining multiple pieces (end to end) allow a few inches between pieces to allow matting to settle in its flat position.
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