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QuickFloor® Adhesive Signs

QuickFloor® Adhesive Signs

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Show the way to safety with self adhesive, heavy duty floor signs. Long lasting, pressure sensitive warehouse floor signs are ideal for 5S and OSHA facility compliance.

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$29.05 From
Product Details
QuickFloor® Adhesive Floor Signs are 17.5” in diameter constructed from plastic PVC. A variety of designs notify your warehouse staff of restrictions and potential dangers. QuickFloor® Adhesive Floor Signs instantly bring your facility in compliance with 5S and OSHA (29 CFR 1910.145).

Apply sign to a clean surface by simply peeling off the back liner. The high tack adhesive is pressure sensitive. We recommend going over the sign with a seam roller. If the area being applied to is porous or prone to dampness, apply our primer for added adhesion. These QuickFloor® Adhesive Floor Signs can be cleaned with virtually any cleaning solution and are ready for foot traffic immediately. Not to mention they work great on other surfaces such as walls and metal.

Features and Benefits of QuickFloor® Adhesive Floor Signs:

  • High tack self adhesive backing
  • Adhesive is coated edge to edge to reduce lifting
  • Easy to clean smooth surface
  • Hard wearing and durable against forklift and foot traffic
  • 5S and OSHA compliant

  • Tools: Safety Tape Primer, Edge Sealer, and Seam Roller

    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivered in 1-3 days
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior
    Usage - Suitable for most clean, dry surfaces, can use on damp surfaces if primer and edge sealer are applied
    Usage - Properties self adhesive, heavy duty, easy to use, slip resistant, withstands forklift trucks, attention grabbing, glow in the dark
    Usage - Surfaces floors, walls
    How To Apply

    Surface Prep

    Wash the area to remove any grease, oil, dirt, or other contaminates, rinse and allow to dry. The QuickFloor™ Adhesive Signs can be applied to any smooth surface such as concrete, wood, metal, tile, terrazzo, and painted or varnished surfaces. Use the Safety Tape Primer on dusty concrete, porous, damp or other weak surfaces to ensure better adhesion.


    Apply only when air and surface temperature are above 50°F (10°C). The surface area must be clean and dry (unless primer is being used) at the time of application. When applying QuickFloor™ Adhesive Sign, do not peel off entire backing at once. Rather, peel back about 2” from the end of the sign to expose the adhesive and position in place. Press down firmly, and then remove the remainder of backing from the QuickFloor™ Adhesive Sign while affixing it to the surface. The QuickFloor™ Adhesive Sign may be peeled back up to reposition it if necessary, but try to avoid repeating this action because sign will lose adhesion. Once in place, firmly press down on the sign by hand or with your foot to secure it, if using the primer be sure to go over the sign with a seam roller to get rid of bubbles. The QuickFloor™ Adhesive Sign is suitable to support light foot traffic immediately, however it requires 24 hours for the adhesive to achieve full cure before heavy traffic and forklifts.

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