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Flowpatch 55 Pound

Flowpatch 55 Pound

$155.00  excl. tax

A self leveling concrete repair compound which is a quick setting, pourable flooring patch and can be used in heavy wear areas.

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Product Details
Flowpatch® is an easy to mix, pourable material for quick repairs to level concrete surfaces. Flowpatch® is fiber reinforced for extra strength and hardens quickly: it will accept heavy traffic including forklifts only 2 hours after application.

Features and Benefits of Flowpatch® - Self Leveling Concrete Surface Repair:

  • Quick setting, pourable flooring patch that repairs holes, crevices or pitted concrete
  • Able to part mix: 3 parts powder to 1 part water by volume
  • Apply to dry or damp (not wet) surfaces
  • Silver Gray, slip resistant finish
  • Sets at temperatures as low as 41ºF
  • Can be applied from fine edge to 4"
  • Ready for foot traffic after 30 min. & forklift traffic after 2 hours
  • Covers approximately 5.5 sq. ft. per 55 lb. kit at 1" thick
  • For use on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Odorless, non toxic, non hazardous formula
  • Fiber reinforced
  • Includes mixing cup for partial mixing

    For repairs to ramps, steps and for reforming edges, we recommend Concrex®. For resurfacing or leveling larger areas of rough or tamped concrete please use Flowtop®.

    Flowpatch® is far stronger than Concrete.
    Typical Compression Strength at 70°F
    1 Day  Flowpatch >2901 psi      
    7 Days  Flowpatch >5076 psi     
    28 Days   Flowpatch >6526 psi    Concrete 4322 psi  

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  • Specifications + Technical Data Sheets
    Appearance Smooth Finish
    Delivery Time (Days) Ships in 24 hours, delivers in 1-3 days
    Depth (in.) From a fine edge to 4"
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